Australia - Electrically Certified Hardware

Hey guys,

Could someone tell me which zigbee/zwave sticks are best for use with Xiaomi sensors/sengled LEDs and also where is the cheapest place to buy them?

The HUSBZB-1 is only available in the U.S and it’s a rip off for us Aussies…

The gear for zigbee2mqtt is pretty cheap.

I’m using several Xiaomi sensers , Tradfri and a few others with zigbee2mqtt. This is using a CC2531 device which is cheap but very effective.

I ordered all necessary components from ebay for less than 30$

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Thanks guys,

Yeah but I’ve read the range on it is pretty bad?

How much work is it to build? Can’t be stuffed to be honest :smile:

I have full coverage inside and outside my house (~furthest device is 50m in the outdoor shed).

There is always the option to run a repeater (as well described in the documentation!)

the whole flashing process was done within 10min. than I used NodeRed for the automation, but HA works as well of course

Check this thread out. He is making available assembled and pre-flashed and ready to use zigbeetomqtt sticks, in custom 3D printed cases.

Cheaper than a manufacturer version, more expensive than doing it yourself. It’s a good middle ground that may suit you.

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Also this hardware give a great range Zigbee2mqtt: getting rid of your proprietary Zigbee bridges (Xiaomi, Hue, TRADFRI)

The set up is very easy, and the documentation is great.

Mate you’re very effective, I’m starting to lean the zigbee2mqtt side.

Obviously it only supports zigbee, is there any need to have z-wave compatibility?

One more thing, I don’t need a separate Pi for it do I?

Thanks @kanga_who, there’s no price on the thread. Have you ordered from him yourself?

It runs on the same pi and does need only little resources.

this unit cannot handle zwave devices!

No, PM him for price and shipping. Price will vary depending on how much he is purchasing the items for at the time he makes a batch.

I haven’t got one myself, I have purchased all the gear to make one myself, just haven’t found the time to do it yet.

You use the same Pi or other PC to to run it that you have HA running on.

It cost me about $25 to get everything needed from memory.

I paid about AUD 40 on aliexpress for all the z2m gear.
Then I added a raspberry pi zero $22 just because I run HA in a docker on unRaid and wanted the smaller form factor.
So far I am only using it with some Xiaomi gear. Some of it is a pain to pair, but after that it is solid.
Hope this helps.

If you don’t want to deal with the flashing the offer above seems to be a good alternative.

Wow that was quick.

He replied and the general price is almost $70. Granted he’s putting an antenna and a nice case for it but it’s too much of a difference for me.

This here looks promising for $37aud but it’s using the CC2530 instead of CC2531, what’s the difference between CC2530, CC2531 and CC2540?
thanks @nickrout

I might take @xx_Nexus_xx word and build my own since 50m is more than enough for my needs.
Though 10 minutes for him flashing will prob be 10 hours knowing my luck with things not working/troubleshooting lol

I’d like to know, will the Hassio plugin be able to flash the latest firmware and do I have to re-pair devices when I update the FW?
Is there a way to backup paired devices?

Thanks guys

That’s the current price in AUD with shipping included to Australia. I have no influence in the shipping cost, it’s not cheap, sry.
Also it’s more like 65AUD than 70AUD (currently, for the non registered letter). There is a reason not to mention it in the forum directly, because you can’t edit posts after some time, and the price might vary in the future due to exchange rates, shipping costs (without/with insurance, tracking), more expensive parts etc.

I’m fine if it’s to expensive for you, but please be fair. Please only provide information that doesn’t lead to misunderstandings. From your post people could think 70USD for the CC2531 only without shipping, which is not true.

Anyway I wish you a lot of fun with z2m. It’s great.


@h4nc your case and work looks amazing … yes … the shipping to Australia is damn expensive!

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Hey @h4nc
Apologies for not being more specific when mentioning your price.
Since we’re on a thread about “Australia” devices I didn’t feel the need to mention AUD.

On a side note I actually rounded your price DOWN from $73.80AUD including the registered shipping… :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I apologize if I frustrated you in any way


If it’s a triangle, a small hex key should fit it

Thanks, I tried a few things, then bought a set of screwdrivers that included the triangle…

I run two of these:

AU $37.89 | RF TO USB (CC2530 CC2591) RF switch USB transparent serial data transmission equipment

One as a coordinator and the other as a router and have great range throughout the house. Nicely enclosed, external antenna, cheap and reliable. AUD$45 with a debugger, can’t really go wrong. Works flawlessly with z2m.

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That looks good mate!
Unfortunately I bought the components individually yesterday as I’m impatient. The total was $27

If I have range issues I’ll buy one as a router.

Much appreciated

Is it worth using zigbee instead of wifi devices? I’ve already got a few ESP8266 set up with ESPHome and they work great.

The only zigbee devices I have are my Hue lights. Is there a way to use the Hue hub for zigbee devices in general and not just ZLL devices?

Has anybody tried these, I just flashed a Brilliant smart plug with tuya-convert and ESPHome a few days ago and it works great. I’m assuming these would work the same. They’re still more expensive than any sonoff but are au certified but not as expensive as a Aeotec nano dimmer.