Authentication expired issues 2024.5 and beyond

Authentication expired issues have started appearing since 2024.5 and persist with 2024.6. ESPHome devices had this issue on 2024.5 but have yet to see them in 2024.6 (hopefully fixed). As I have not had the time to dive deeper into this I was wondering if other souls out there are experiencing similar issues or have managed to identify what is causing it.

Even if I reauthenticate the issue pops up again.


Yes, I’m having the same issues. I’m new to this world, but happy to share whatever logs/details would be helpful.

I seem to get it individually for most but not all of my TP-link branded devices.

Sometimes, I also get this error, which eventually resolves (typically after a system restart.)

Note that this is related to: TPlink Authentication - Intermittent reauth error · Issue #117093 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

  • Core2024.6.2
  • Supervisor2024.06.0
  • Operating System12.3
  • Frontend20240610.0

I’m having the same issue as of yesterday 13th june 2024, with my tapo control integration,
5 cameras, all saying authentification expired - tried to reconfigure with correct credentials, but saying password is wrong, even though its correct

I have managed to do some troubleshooting and the issue has to do with HA login. I have not had the time to do an in-depth investigation but there is a simple fix to this.

Go to: Profile :arrow_forward: Security :arrow_forward: Locate Your Current Session token :arrow_forward: Click on three vertical dots (select menu) :arrow_forward: Disable Token Expiration

Check login session token is flagged as Never Expires.

Obviously this is a security risk (living with a non expiring authentication token), but until we find a solution, you can protect yourself by enabling the Multi-factor Authentication Module (totp). You need Google Authenticator on your phone.

Is is best practice for auth tokens to expire. When I get more time I will try to dive deeper into the issue and when I have something useful to report will do it on this thread.