Besen B20 (EVSE)

Hello i’ve recently bought this Besen B20 Charging station which has an bluetooth/wifi app called EVSE Master.

I was wondering if anyone knows how i could intergrate this into homeassistant.

Hello !

I have that Wallbox also and we began to do the work !
Currently the status is that we are able to start and stop charging without the Application.
It is not possible to change the max current without stopping the charging.

Here is the github project

We need help to retreive the firmware of the wallbox, and regarding HA integration, any help is also welcome


i see so you’re reverse engineering whats on the esp32 inside the wallbox,
I might not beable to help you reverse engineer it because i lack the knowledge of C, but i am willing to help test the intergration once ready

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For HA i’m a begginer. I plan to clone what has been developed for Pulsar WallBox Integration. Should be easy to do like that. Maybe you can help on that part ?
Thanks you for the commit on github !

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Sure i can help with that!

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we should take GitHub - hesselonline/wallbox as starting point ?
But looks like many files at the same time.

My guess first cause of action is to figure out a way to make the request using python to the ip of the wallbox and send a packet to gather information that we can display in a sensor entity

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Good direction especialy as the reverse-besen-API/Protocol at 54717142ff6e91af15d67f88fc4c0a5116212422 · Phil242/reverse-besen-API · GitHub is missing the parts where the box is sending informations to the APP. As you saw it is done with UDP as for sending request to the WB, but by broadcasting.

I use packet capture app on Android on my old Galaxy S5, but on my latest smartphone, (Galaxy A12) seems it does not work, we can only see packet going from the app. They are not reaching the WB.
Other method could work

Idk if this could work but maybe a man in the middle attack could display what the wb is sending.

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we tried Burp proxy, but the App is directly using TCP… Anyway this is not needed for fonctionnal operations of the WB.
A part of that, WB is using UDP for sending and receiving… and everything is in clear as you saw

Just a Message to say that this wallbox is also known as the wallbox MOREC with application (allow people to find via google this thread)

Just a status : i open today my WB and found that like the OpenEVSE, this WB uses a ESP8266 in order to manage the front end API. Internaly the communication with the rest of the box is done by a serial (like OpenEVSE again). We will reverse the firmware now

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How difficult was it to open up and what does the inside look like

with an hair dryer, very easy, and non destructive.
i will post some photos !

Hello @ladevogel !

Welcome !

You have that Morec WallBox i guess ? have a look to

currently we need to document the protocol used by the WallBox to send back informations to the application (the app>WB is nearly completely reversed).

@DutchDeveloper here is the optionnal card managing application communication

Hi, in sweden it seems this charger is sold as “Deltaco e-charge”

Maybe this one can be used by this project also?

Hello guys,

I just purchased this wall box (morec version) and I’m glad to finally find a OS project that wants to make something better that the buggy app.
Any progress on the reverse? How can I help ?

Hello !

Unfortunately the hardware part is a little tricky, Phil has worked again on the reverse very recently
On my side i decided to change my WB to a Fronius Watt Pilot, i will sell the MOREC

Hello Florent, I am using jeedom and wondering how could I start or stop the charge of my car. I understand that for now, start and stop CURL are possible and current adjustement not feasible. I tried to find out the elements inside the github project, but unfortunately I did succeed in catching up. Could you help me please?

you are able to start and stop charging using curl requests? May I ask how you proceed? Do you have also a feedback on the status (plug/unplugged)