Best smart radiator thermostat for HA


I was planning on getting smart thermostats for my radiators. But it is difficult to find a suitable one that would integrate also to HA good. I was looking at the Danfoss models, the ones that work on Z-wave. I currently have Zigbee network at my home but was not able to find any suitable models for that.

Could you guys recommend some good ones that would integrate to HA and maybe Alexa/Google Home and that HA could actually control the temperature of the thermostat.

I already have multiple temp sensors around the house so it might be that the thermostat does not need to send the current temp of the area it is.

I have been eyeing on Danfoss LC-13 and Netatmo Raditor. Obviously Netatmo seems like more suitable version but is also much more expensive.

Could anyone elaborate to me how HA can interact with Netarmo valves? Meaning can it change the temp level and does it get temp levels reported etc? My understanding is that Danfoss valves are more simplistic on this side that HA can only change the temp and gets the reported temp back but not the actual temp around the valve etc. So if Netatmo is better on this side, I could choose that. Biggest downside on Netatmo is the need for bridge as I finally got rid all of other bridges with zigbee2mqtt and Netatmo is not able to work with that :frowning:

So if anyone has this info, please share and help :slight_smile: Thanks!

Any update? I’m also looking for a solution like this - Netatmo vs Tado (-:

I bought Tado as it was in sale. Been happy with it, easy to integrate with hassio and I have blocked it on firewall so it has no remote connection to cloud and still working fine. It is expensive but from sale I recommend 100%>

tado here and I am happy

Also got tado, when on sale a few weeks ago. Bought a metal adapter for connecting it to standard Danish thermostat, the plastic one didn’t stick.

Is it correct that these run through the Tado webservice and that you need to pay for that?

Not the one I have. Where have u seen that?

I think it was mentioned in this thread; somewhere.

Do you have the version 3 or the one before that?

By the way if I just want HA to control a Tado do I need to purchase anything else but the TRV itself or do I need to get one of these starter kits?

Don’t know version number, mine is less than one year old. I don’t see anywhere in that thread that it would cost money.

Don’t know if u can do it without starter kit, I got that. Guess you will need to have the equipment with the capability to communicate directly with the thermostat.


You can use tado locally with homekit integration.
WIth the newest tado equipment you indeed need a subscription to automate things (geofencing on/off for example) without HA. However, you can just use the API in HA to toggle geofencing. No subscription needed.

The tado’s use 6LowPAN wireless technology iirc, so yes, you need a bridge to go from your LAN/WiFi to reach the TRVs.

Thanks so much Skye!

I’ll get the starter kit then and see if I can get that connected :wink:

@eriktoft, sorry I missunderstood the subscription for it being necessary in HA. Can understand where that might have cost some confusion.


This seem’s a bit cold :grin:

How did this go over time? Netamo or Tado?
Which were the issues you found in a daily basis?

Looking forward for your feedback, as I’m investing on heating automation in the next weeks… Thanks!

Not one of the originally mentioned ones, but after figuring out the issues with predefined times (How to delete factory-set temp schedule from t0l0 tuya sea802-z01 radiator valve?), I’m very happy with with the sea802-z01, it’s being sold under various brand names. It’s quiet, it’s not so “blocky” looking, and it just works.

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Thanks for the suggestion!

Is it this stuff: Moeshouse Tuya ZigBee3.0 Smart Radiator Actuator Programmable Thermostatic Radia Sale - Banggood Southeast Asia

Do you use their gateway or another one?

Mine looks like this one, so a different model:

Works via conbee2 stick on my raspberry, so no gateway involved.

ok. it seems they change the design a little bit.
I’ll order one to try and if tests good fine I’ll buy for the remaining radiators.

Just one more thing: what about the battery life? did it last over a year?

I only have it 2 two months so far, so no guarantee. But at least for now the batteries are at 100% still, and it opens and closes the valve completely 2-4 times a day.

Good to know!

By the way:

  • do you find it responsive when you cut and open the valve?
  • how are you managing your automation?
    → by sending diferent temperature setpoints (like 15°C when you are away, and 20°C when you want it to warm the room)
    → or do you use a open/close valve method?