Better color picker

The current color picker for light colors is not a perfect choice… Especially on mobile devices, it is a bit flimsy and sometimes more hit-and-miss. Also, the color palette makes not sense for lights. I’m not familiar with Polymer, but there seems to be a project over here that appears like a great solution. It offers a round color picker (demo) as well, which would make a lot of sense since it reflects the color palette you can archive with lights.

As I mentioned, I don’t have experiences with polymer but at least I could give it a try, if there is interest.

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Would also be nice to be able to set a specific RGB-code or even better have a few set RGB-codes to quickly change the color (e.g. warm white, red, blue etc.)

I think you can archive that with scenes.

mxtr, yepp, but it would be nicer/easier to have it when you open the light color picker :slight_smile:

I succeeded implementing it. What do you think?


That looks awesome! So much better than the current one with blacks at the bottom (wait what!?). Very nice :sunglasses:


Look awesome!

Your implementation of color picker is logical.

However, not all light sources have color, but may only have color temperature (LIFX White 800, for example).

Has your change to the color picker ever made its way into the home assistint releases?

Sadly, no. I never really had time to to fix a few problems that I encountered.

Can you maybe tell me which problems you came across?
I applied the code from your github branch to latest development and it seems to work quite well for me.

Maybe we can fix it / add what’s missing and go that last mile to include your change into master.

I’m sure a lot of people would like to have it!

I’m glad that you guys like it. If I remember correctly, there were a few hacks I was really not happy with. One concerning the way we get the color values from the picker and one using a fixed-width “zone” at the edge of the picker to make it easyer to pick “pure” colors. While the second one is fine, we should have a look at the first problem. I however don’t have an development environment ready atm.

To be honest, I didn’t realize that there was still a branch with working changes.

I love the idea of this color picker, and I’d sure LOVE to see it in the master build.
Also, would it be possible to have 5 small empty circles (buttons) on the right side next to the color picker? You’d set the color on the picker, and then click one of the 5 buttons - which would save the current color in it. Basically a simple way to save colors (and brightness).
If that feature was in there, I’m sure the whole thing would go to master build immediately, since the current color picker is pretty bad


Hey @mxtra,
I’m late to the party but am actually looking for a colour picker like the one you created.
Have you actually managed to complete it?


Agree. we need this.
the existing one is not great.

Very interested in this. It’s weird for me that decreasing the brightness and choosing colour toward black have an overlapping and complimentary effect.

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+1. It would be awesome to have a proper light color picker instead of a current one, which is suitable for an image editing software, but not for lighting. Maybe we can implement it like this one (sure, without text and gaps between the colors), which is also RGBW-friendly.

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+1 need this!