Blueprints for Lovelace Dashboards

There are some amazing dashboards floating around on forums, subs and groups which people have put many hours into making beautiful.

This request is for a method of having the ability to share a Lovelace Dashboard in the concept of a “theme” where users can simply select this community created dashboard and add their own entities to it. I think this would greatly increase adoption for new users!

With the upcoming release of Zack Barnett’s drag and drop I could see his work and this idea combining to be able to easily build “components” (like custom cards) for these “themes” and share those as well.

Imagine this “theme” - A different take on designing a Lovelace UI

The sidebar and media player areas would be the “components” of this “theme”.

In this case - the theme is Homekit and the components are the scene, favourite sections and the entities are actually Lovelace cards (with styling).

This is probably been asked for before but hey, can’t hurt to ask again I suppose.

Essentially, that would be extending blueprints from the automation domain to the card domain?

@balloob I’ve read your blueprint roadmap document. It doesn’t mention anything outside automations. However, the domain: automation still hints at possible other domains. Are there any plans for extending blueprints to lovelace?

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This is possible with Lovelace strategies


Oh, wow, that sounds awesome and still hot of the press. Are there plans to bring this into the UI for selection and installation? I’m sure this has enormous potential. And is there already a place in the community to discuss this - or are we starting the discussion just here and now?

Having digested the developer docs, here comes the first question for understanding:

Lovelace Strategies seem to focus on dashboards and views. They don’t appear to cover cards as such. So something like a blueprint for a pre-configured card ala domain: card is still missing?

It’s very exciting @kongo09, I’m about to start my HA instance again on an SSD this time… Pretty keen to see if there are any limitations with this feature and what can be done

Hi Folks,

I joined up to the forum just because of thoughts along these lines :slight_smile: . As this post is a little old/solved, I’d better go an update myself rather than wax too lyrical, but, I just wanted to leave a note to say that I think this idea is an absolute winner and leave you with a big thumbs up.

Corollary - I’ve been using RomRider’s DeCluttering card ( for ages. It’s a very simple and elegant implementation of card blueprinting at YAML level. All I can say is, damn… blueprinted cards work well!!!

<Scampers off to look up Zack Barnett and Roadmaps>

Would be nice to have blueprints similar to automation/script blueprints really… Custom strategies aren’t really the same thing in my opinion