Dashboard Card Blueprints

As a user building various similar dashboards for a number of other users, I would like to have reusable dashboard cards. This is conceptually similar to React’s component structure.

I am suggesting that we allow the creation of reusable custom cards that consist of other existing cards via Blueprints. This is not a duplicate of 272211, as this is not solved by custom strategies. Custom strategies allow reusable dashboards. I am suggesting reusable cards.

In effect, this is the same as importing custom front-end components from HACS, except that the cards consist entirely of other cards and are managed in the Blueprints page.

One further clarification: I would like the blueprint to mirror other blueprints in that certain values can be templated and others can be defined by the user. The outcome would be a new card when building dashboards that can be used across many dashboards while still being maintained in one location.

If I were to create a horizontal stack with various badges that conditionally show various alerts to the user (battery replacement, moisture sensors, security alerts, etc), I would be able to group that into a single card with only a few input values (a list of entities or areas that I care to be notified about), and then reuse it on several different personalized dashboards. Make note of the fact that the new card does not introduce new JavaScript, but rather uses the existing cards, namely, the horizontal stack, the conditional card, and badges.

EDIT: Additional Example:
As seen here, a “Person Card” was created that contained a button-card and tons of styling modifications. The only information needed to create a new card was a person entity with an associated device. This feature would allow simplifying all of the YAML into a new card with the only field being “person entity”. Any modification to the blueprint applies to all cards.

Here is a custom component that does something similar. The difference is that this feature would be on a global scale, whereas the custom component is local to a dashboard only.