Bluetooth speakers support is really needed

I think that it’s time to implement a generic bluetooth speaker support in HA.

Bluetooth speakers is really useful to play music on but even for TTS notifications.
HA needs to improve here in my hopinion. This is a deal breaker for many applications and automations.

Hope to see this support in the future.

I totally agree!
I would love to use my bluetooth speaker to play music


I agree. As part of Home Assistant’s self hosted approach the ability to use Bluetooth as a music/notification streamer is a no brainer. I’ve tested Google Nest speakers and they crap out as soon as the internet is lost playing a local file. Interestingly Bluetooth playback still works fine. This is an inconvenience if the internet connection is lost (rare) but if you rely on these speakers for notifications or alerts it’s dangerous.

We either need a decent self hosted assistant speaker or local playback to work on one of the big brand ones.


Agree, love to have a local solution (3.5mm jack or bt) for sound production


I am having success with the 3.5mm jack on the RPI3 using the VLC addon.

I haven’t figured out the bluetooth yet.

Posted a “what-the-heck” for this, as I’m just stunned this wasn’t in core years ago:

All upvotes appreciated!


Just stumbled across this repository that uses ESP32 to send audio via bluetooth.


Agree, it’s common to have bluetooth speakers and would appreciate connecting it from HA


Why has BlueTooth been sitting on the back burner for so long. It is a vital part what is needed for home security. I don’t want to use Alexa or Nest. I don’t believe my data should be sent out on the internet to have to return back here to be played. Please move this up to a higher level of importance so it can be implemented.


+1 to this request. It would be very usefull to play music or announces via bluetooth speakers.