BOM Weather component, no summary

Is the BOM weather component working correctly?
I have two stations, Archerfield and Greenbank, which are not displaying the summary.
I’ve just added these after moving from Dark Sky, so I’m not sure if they were working before.

There’s a bunch of monitored conditions not available on my weather location either. I think some stations have less information.

Bummer. I was hoping to get some general conditions which could give me some details about impending bad weather as an alert.
Based on that, wind strength and direction, I can then announce via my Google Homes which windows to close.

Go here:

Match your station id next to one of the links at the top of the page. Probably this one: Click it and search for your station id. The files available (pdf or xml) will show you the monitored conditions available.

Is the FTP the same as the component?

According to the source the weather platform uses the same API as the sensor. The sensor uses FTP.

So the same available data for both then.

On a possibly related note. I am not getting any updates from the BoM sensor except when I restart.

Weird. I am definitely getting updates here for BOM

What version of HA are you on?

0.92.0 latest always

I just tried to update from 0.91.4 and failed.

Did you try via ssh? I see you rolled back that way? I upgraded by ssh as I didn’t wait for the button. I seem to remember the last time the button didn’t work for me either but that might have been a beta. Ssh never fails me.

I’ll give it a go.

Well that was quick and nearly painless. I thought TTS was supposed to migrate automatically? That failed. Otherwise ok. Guess I need to configure it manually.

It should have migrated… it did on my system (when on the Beta… b0) I had to manually roll it back as b0 broke all my custom stuff but then b1 migrated it again.

I had to add a couple of manifest.json files as well (bom forecast ftp and custom alarm panel). I set up the new BoM radar cameras and that failed. I got one 128km to wok once I realised I only needed the ID number not the whole IDR… string. Couldn’t get the 512 composite to work (double checked the id#, delta and frames). Just tried another 512km composite nearby and now both cameras (128km as well that was working) don’t work. The whole BoM network seems highly unstable here. Might just buy a freaking weather station.

That’s weird Tom… I’m using 2 - the Sydney one called Sydney and the Newcastle one which I had to reference by number, frame rate and delta. Both work.

One thing, if you use the number, make sure to put it in quotes. Mine started with a 0 and it did not like it and I believe according to the dev it might be converting to octal instead of using it as decimal. Putting it in quotes (which the dev fixed in beta) fixed it for my non-standard Newcastle one.

Did you contact the devs of those failing custom components? I believe manifests are only needed for core components, not custom_components. I am always wary of screwing around with custom fixes without talking to the dev first. As an example, Phil Buckner came up with a completely different fix for the custom sun component than I thought would be used.

The alarm panel Dev has gone AWOL. I’m sure Brendan will update the FTP BoM forecast component - In fact I should check if he already has.

Thanks for the tip about quotes. Will give that a go.

EDIT: no luck with the quotes around the id number. Will create an issue.

Thanks for the comments guys.
I’ve just added a third sensor, for Brisbane, and it too isn’t showing any summary data. I would have thought that a capital city station would have shown this.
I should note that it’s saying ‘unknown’. Other conditions are displaying.

Do you have a station that shows the summary? Could you post the station ID for testing my end?