Bosch 5000i air conditioning

Nope unfortunately no news. Let me know if you find something out

I was able to find out a few things because I have the module myself, but unfortunately, it seems to use a completely different protocol. However, implementing it still seems feasible. For an initial test, the pinout and initialization.

Climate pinout :
9600 Baud 8E1


Modul: 02FFFF0000000002
Klima: 02FFFF8000000A0100D00000050130000170
Modul: 02FFFF0101000100FF
Klima: 02FFFF8101000080
Modul: 0305B0001000003B # WIFI LED & Connected
Klima: 06 # ACK


Modul: dd0bfb6001113400ff8000e48170
Klima: 06
Modul: 06

Test Turn off FAN

Modul: dd0bfb6001213400ff8000e4b130
Klima: 06
Modul: 06

Hi! Looks like that dongle USB connector is tied directly to the D+,D- pins of ESP(which is the normal). For the AC control you need that the USB to be connected to UART TX/RX pins of ESP.
You can try with one of the modules already posted or you mod your existing dongle.

Yeah my Bosch Climate 6000i also didn’t seem to work with the midi protocol :frowning: I powered it successfully via GND & VCC and then tried all kinds of combinations for the RX & TX pins but never received any data.

Hi there,

does anyone know if the module above is compatible with Iobroker as well? Like this adapter? I am not running HA unfortunately but need a proper integration into my ecosystem.


@h4b3ck I decompiled the HomeCom Easy apk and found some info. I suspect that our models don’t use the midea but the sharp protocol.

It’s also displayed on the inner circuit

What’s the voltage for the data pins of the AC? Aren’t they 5V ? Aren’t you supposed to use a logic level shifter?

So this thing is anything but Bosch?:))

I’ve ordered five of these, coming tomorrow, so just wanted to clarify the steps I need to take…

  • Plug into the Air Conditioning unit (3000i)
  • Once plugged in, there should be a hot spot
  • Connect to the hot spot and presumably it’ll open up a UI to input my WiFi
  • Add to Home Assistant (should be discovered automatically)

That’s it, right?

I have a first working version, if you tell me your GitHub username, I can invite you to test it. The version is not yet ready for public release.

oh wow that’s awesome! My github username is nico1510

Hi there,
I’m a newby to ESP32.

It is good if I buy ESP32-S2 (some like this … that has USB-C on-board ) and use a usb-C to usb-A converter ?

i tried this, but it seems to not be working for my bosch 3000i unfortunately

Hi all,

I’ve been looking for a solution to control my Bosch 6000I air conditioning via Home Assistant for a while. I tried using several ESP32 devices with my air conditioner, but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to establish communication with it. I keep getting timeouts despite the numerous tests I’ve conducted.

Given this post, it seems there are several types of 6000I air conditioners. Here is what mine looks like:

It is currently connected to Wi-Fi using a Bosch G10 CL-1 dongle

Has anyone managed to connect this type of air conditioner to an ESP32?
Thank you for your help and patience.


I got my 5000i and 3000i units working like this: How to connect Bosch HomeCom Easy air conditioning units to Home Assistant and Homekit?

Using these controllers: Air conditioner Wi-Fi module for Midea, Idea, Neoclima, Electrolux, Beko and many more. Model SMARTLIGHT SLWF-01pro (v.1.0)

Hope that helps.