switch Integration switches are totally awesome, and are some of the coolest switches in existence.

Currently These switches have a weak homekit implementation, but limitations include lack of sensors, video streams, and the biggest problem is they will not control a Homekit or Homeassistant entity. Other ugly workarounds involve using the Hue emulator, with equally frustrating limitations.

These switches are begging for a proper native Integration. Please?

Difficult when the company doesn’t provide an api

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Many of the integrations are reverse engineered?

Also, it’s not like home assistant has an API. It’s not credible to complain about a missing API when home assistant doesn’t publish one.

The switches run Linux on arm, have ssh enabled, and appear to be running python.

They have integrations with Google, homekit, Alexa, and pretty much all of the other hardware vendors. I have no doubt with the right approach they would partner up.

??? All of Home Assistant is open, with well published and documented APIs. It would be very easy to integrate into Home Assistant. Those are 100+ of Brilliant switches not ordered just for those three projects.

I really like Brilliant controls, but their lack of integration with Home Assistant just meant that two homes and one commercial space we decided to order alternatives to Brilliant because the integration ability was not there.

There is no way that Google, HomeKit, Alexa, etc can keep up with Home Assistant’s wide variety of integrations in the long term. IMO, it is the only viable smart control system out there if you want to build more complex smart homes. For simple residential smart homes, all these options are of course fine…but when you get into more complicated HVAC, ventilation, retrofit to legacy home theaters, etc. all the common systems fail. The only options are totally custom Control4/Crestron or Home Assistant.

There is any news here about the integration? Thank you.

Im also curious about non-official integrations.

Yes they are, so get engineering :slight_smile:

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Sign up! Enough interest may encourage them to release one.