Broadlink Manager - Nicer way to Learn and Send IR/RF commands

I am also having a problem here because my remote automatically stops broadcasting after just 5 seconds. I suppose o help extend battery life. Regardless, this apparently isn’t enough time for Broadlink Manager to pick it up.

maybe that’s what mine is doing too. I tried with an RF door sensor too, but it was clear it wasn’t broadcasting the signal long enough. I’m still looking for the RF solution…

Hello Dr., nice to see you here!

I wonder why you need to learn the code from a RF door sensor with the RM PRO? Sounds like another very cool project of yours.

I am following this thread because I might use this solution to learn a bunch of new RF codes soon…


What is the distance between the RF remote and your broadlink?
broadlink RF reciver is very weak, you should hold the remote on top of your broadlink.

It was close but I’ll try again closer. I wonder if the problem is the duration. I tried with a remote with a button but I don’t know how long it will broadcast the signal. I tried with a door sensor and I know it only broadcasts for a second then stops.

I just gave this a try. Had the remote laying on top of the RM Pro as I held down the button on the remote. No joy. I, like @DrZzs, think this may be related to how short the remote broadcasts. Might not be long enough for the Broadlink to catch it.

I got out my only android device and tried the older broadlink app (e-control). It was able to learn the codes. Now I need to see if I can somehow see those codes and use them in HA…

I did it!
I followed these instructions from Sam:
Android device required
1. Install Broadlink e-control app from Play store
2. Learn your remotes as per normal instructions using e-control.
3. Tap the burger settings and tap ‘Share’. Tap 'Share to other phones in WLAN. Tap Cancel.
4. Install RM Plugin Lite from Play Store
5. Tap on Device List to import Broadlink device config that was previously shared.
6. Enable HTTP bridge
7. Navigate to http://androidipaddress:9876/ 11
8. Find Code List and click on the link.
9. Find the code(s) you require.
10. Use a Hex to base64 converter to encode your codes for HA ( 21)

It’s a level 9 pain in the rumpus, but eventually you get a code you can use in HA. I’ll do this once for the video explaining how to do it but after that I’m back to the Tasmotized Sonoff RF Bridge for all my RF needs.


Thank you!! The only thing I would add to this is that when I was learning the codes, I had to select Swap Frequency instead of Learn. If I just tapped Learn, it would time out. When I selected Swap Frequency, I would long press it to learn the new frequency setting and then tap it to learn the code.



does anybody know if you can send http commands to a broadlink rm mini? For example i want to send a command to send an IR signal.


Not for anything, but these are instructions I wrote up a little while ago. :blush:
May I ask where you found them please?

someone sent them to me in Discord. I assumed he wrote them. Guess not.

Haha - All good mate! :blush:
It’s a community after all, so I’m just glad it’s being utilised.
Funny thing, I can’t find the thread where I had posted it originally. :laughing:

I found it, but for some reason the page was closed. :thinking:


When I run the program on Windows 7 the device didnt appear, I have a Broadlink rm pro +. It shows looking for devices but nothing happened.

Some help would be appreciated, thanks

Im having the same problem too … using HA to learn the codes …

Thank you is a great program.:slight_smile:

What is your broadlink exact model and version?
Do you see it in eControll app?

Hello @Tomer_Klein, how are you my friend?

If I may, I would like to suggest a feature that could help many people: is it possible to integrate a module that can read all codes when another phone using the original E-Control app connected to the same network shares the codes via the app?

It would be very nice to have the mobile phone in hand when learning many codes were the broadlink device is. I found very easy to create controllers, add names and organize them all in app (sorry, app in portuguese):


I believe a good way of doing that is:

  1. Learn all codes using E-Controll app
  2. Go to share and share with others
  3. Open your Windows app
  4. Click on Import from other devices on LAN
  5. Copy all codes

Thanks a lot for you time and great work on this solution!

Hi, thanks for your help.

It’s a RM pro+

Great app really helped me out getting my RF roller shutter codes out… my blind was simple, but the roller shutter was a nightmare - I think i did it 100 times to get out the 3 codes up down stop!

Just wondering if there is a way to export all the codes you saved with what you named it? am I just mssing something? I saw all the codes in the console area, but without labels.

I might have to tackle collecting the few hundred codes for my aircon for the climate componant… eewww!