Broadlink RM4 Mini

Hi - has anyone attempted to get the Broadlink RM4 Mini working with Home Assistant? Link here.

It’s the only remote apart from the pro available now in the official Broadlink store.

I have done a test config defining it as an rm_mini, the same as my RM3, but this doesn’t work.

    # rm3
  - platform: broadlink
    mac: '34:ea:34:e3:ad:52'
    type: rm_mini
    friendly_name: "Kitchen IR"
    # rm4
  - platform: broadlink
    mac: '24:df:a7:34:95:6d'
    type: rm_mini
    friendly_name: "Hall IR"

Any suggestions or experience greatly appreciated. Otherwise it’s off to ebay for an RM3 from a dodgy local seller, which would be a shame as the RM4 is half the size and comes with a wall/ceiling mount bracket.

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first you need to lean the ir codes

watch this

this should put you down the right path

I have an RM3 working perfectly well, with the device I am trying to control, so it’s nothing to do with learning codes.

This is the RM4:

I’m in the same boat as you, I just bought a RM4 Mini and RM Pro+. First thing I noticed is that I can’t even add the RM4 Mini to the IHC app, only the BroadLink app. While the RM Pro+ seems to work in both these apps.

Got the RM Pro+ working perfectly fine with HA, but I have no idea how to add the RM4 Mini to it…

I have created a FR for support for the RM4 to be added, can you add your vote to it?

I upvoted it, how did you learn your IR codes on your other Broadlink devices? I used the IHC app and the broadlink.learn service to learn RF codes for the RM Pro+. But RM4 Mini isn’t available in IHC, it’s only available in the “Broadlink” app.

I’m asking because I’m curious if you did (or if it’a possible to) use broadlink.learn with the Broadlink app instead of the IHC app.

I started learning codes - using broadlink.learn - then discovererd SmartIR, which has a library of codes for all the devices I needed included in the custom component.

You can also add your own learned codes to SmartIR if you want.

Uhm, I’ll look at it, but I read on a post in the HA community that the IR codes are not the same for a RM3 Mini and a RM Pro+. For example, if you learn an IR code on the RM3 Mini and then send it to a RM Pro+ it won’t work, and if you learn the same IR code on the RM Pro+ it looks different.

So I’m confused as to how a library of codes would help… I’ll probably make an attempt at getting RM4 Mini to work, but I’m not very confident about it at this point.

I can cornfirm that my IR codes learned by the RM Pro + are different then the same commands learned by the RM3 mini.