BTicino Door Entry for CLASSE300X13E

BTicino Door Entry is the App which allows you, using a smartphone, to manage the Classe 300X13E video internal unit calls and functions locally and remotely.

It would be very nice to access video, audio and activations (door switch).

This system is part of the Eliot Program of BTicino/Legrand

I’m not a programar but I’m would glad to help on tests.

It will be cool if there will be an integration with home assistant… but i don’t think is easy without bticino support

I saw today that from the app is possible to enable third party access: I will try to understand in the next days how this could be done.

I’m a newbie with homeAssistant, but I like it a lot, maybe I could figure out how to make it work: it looks like just a couple of JSON messages to parse.

Using the actuators may be easy, the video it’s a thing that I’ll leave for the far future.

API are now available:

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unfortunately, as fas as I’ve seen from their forum ( ) it looks like that their API are available only trough the iPhone/android SDK.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to reverse-engineer the process to access from linux, but it looks complicate to me :frowning:

As far as I’ve seen the video part is handled using a Voip connection from the app to Bticino’s servers. By sniffing the network traffic on the Android app I was able to obtain the voip username, password and server but for some reason I’m unable to connect using a desktop application.

Opening the gate and lights should be easy because the 300X is acting as an unofficial OpenWebNet gateway, it’s only an issue of finding the correct string to send to achieve the result.


I’m the guy that opened the thread on bTicino forum. Let’s elaborate :slight_smile:

If you find a solution “just” to open the gate would be great!! I would like to make part of my automations but I have no idea how to!

Any news/update?

I’m trying to create a simple app for iPhone with their API kit (to start with something), but the example included is unusable because of missing dependencies.
I’m currently waiting an answer from their developers to fix that.

EDIT: they replied 2 days ago that a new API version is available that should fix the problem.
When I have time, I’ll give a look.


Let us know please!

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Any update from your checks?
I really really would like to trigger opening my gate

  • with siri from my phone
  • or using the ‘shortcuts’ feature on iphone
  • or from my domotics system (but the sdk seems complicated to go this route. I only have experience with a GET url)

I successfully downloaded and compiled the new version of API. I was waiting on their own to approve my demo app to get API key.
Now I have them, but I have so little time currently. Please wait for me.
My goal is exactly to build a simple app like the one you described (I suggested those features many time on bTicino’s FB page, no luck).

I created a Telegram group for this specific topic, please join me if you want.


@teejay-87: any news on that topic ? I might be able to help you to develop the component.

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Just received mine, i’m waiting with this feature too :slight_smile:

Following :+1: A very nice to have also for me…

Bonjour j’ ai acheté un interphone de type 300 biticono.
J ai programme l interphone avec mon téléphone.
On arrive a utilisé les fonctions d ouverture de porte quand on a le wifi.
Une fois a l extérieur on ne peut plus utiliser les fonctions.
Vous avez une piste pour trouver solution.
Merci d avance

Any news on this topic?

Nothing… I think no one is working on this integration…

Any news? Has anyone been able to integrate this?