Building an Local PV monitoring system with Home Assistant +Grafana+InfluxDB

github :

demo: or or

username: iammeter

password: iammeter

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What a neat setup… Thanks for sharing!

we also have a python repository that simple simulated the HA in processing the statistic parameter in hourly, daily and monthly and also store the data in InfluxDB that support the same grafana panel.
In principal , it can integrate with any energy meters as long as they are
1: bi-directional measurement
2: api supported
I think it is also interesting.

this seems a very nice dashboard!
I wonder how difficult is to replace the input sensors for another setup?
I mean in my case I have a Tesla Powerwall battery which is already exporting most of the needed data into the DB.
If I followed you, the sensors needed for Grafana are set up within solariammeter.yaml.
Is it correct to assume I should replace in that file the raw source sensors with those I get from the Powerwall instead of iammeter?
I struggle with that file as the documentation doesn’t say much.

Powerwall makes these sensors available:

any hint?

sorry, I have missed your message.
If you want to use this Garafana template directly. I think there is some work to do . In my opinion, the Garafana template has included two aspects,
1 display effect
2 data source
If you like the display effect of this template, what you have to do is provide the data source that this template required. This data source is influx DB. If you can prepare an influxDB data with same structure as solariammeter.yaml defined, it will display in this garafana template directly.

So I think the easy way is
Use the same “solariammeter.yaml” in Home Assistant ,keep the name of each entity and replace the “value_template” with the data of powerwall that have same meaning.
The power data would be replaced easily(grid power, solar pv power), But the energy(kwh) data replacement should be careful.
There are three energy data, solar yield energy, import energy, export enegy. All these three kwh data should be replaced by the powerwall data. if the corresponding kwh is not provided in powerwall, you can left it in blank in the “solariammeter.yaml”

Do not forget ,select influxDB as the storage in Home Assistant.