Four ways to integrate the Electricity Usage Monitor (IAMMETER) into the home assistant

This is a summary article about how to use the IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy monitor in the home assistant, including the integrated methods and some solutions.

WEM3080T:3 phase, WYE connection, supports Net energy metering,split phase usage

WEM3080:1phase energy meter,wifi

Integrate methods

There are four ways to integrate the IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter into the home assistant.


Monitor your solar PV system in Home Assistant( Energy Dashboard VS Energy Management)

Request the data of the Wi-Fi energy meter from the Modbus/TCP sensor , and control the sonoff relay in realtime

Building an Local PV monitoring system with Home Assistant +Grafana+InfluxDB

This is a universal tutorial about setting the time of use billing template in the Home Assistant. It does not ask to use a specific brand of energy meter.
Set the TOU(time of use) bill mode in the Home Assistant

Very interesting! Can I use an energy meter connected directly to an outlet as well? I want to see individual devices giving readings of power and energy.

Of course, this tutorial does not ask to use a specific brand device,what you need to do is just replace the hardware in tutorial with yours

Could you give me an example of a zigbee or z-wave energy meter (connected to an outlet) that could be used? These systems seems to be mostly available here in Sweden where I live.