Four ways to integrate the Electricity Usage Monitor (IAMMETER) into the home assistant

This is a summary article about how to use the IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy monitor in the home assistant, including the integrated methods and some solutions.

WEM3080T:3 phase, WYE connection, supports Net energy metering,split phase usage

WEM3080:1phase energy meter,wifi

Integrate methods

There are four ways to integrate the IAMMETER`s Wi-Fi energy meter into the home assistant.


Monitor your solar PV system in Home Assistant( Energy Dashboard VS Energy Management)

Request the data of the Wi-Fi energy meter from the Modbus/TCP sensor , and control the sonoff relay in realtime

Building an Local PV monitoring system with Home Assistant +Grafana+InfluxDB

This is a universal tutorial about setting the time of use billing template in the Home Assistant. It does not ask to use a specific brand of energy meter.
Set the TOU(time of use) bill mode in the Home Assistant

Very interesting! Can I use an energy meter connected directly to an outlet as well? I want to see individual devices giving readings of power and energy.

Of course, this tutorial does not ask to use a specific brand device,what you need to do is just replace the hardware in tutorial with yours

Could you give me an example of a zigbee or z-wave energy meter (connected to an outlet) that could be used? These systems seems to be mostly available here in Sweden where I live.

I just bought one :point_up:t3:
Let’s see if I can get it running when it arrives.

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IAMMETER will release a new product WEM3050T on Oct 2023.
It is a 2P ,din-rail ,WiFi, 3phase energy meter, which is more compact than WEM3080T.

It has nearly all of the features of WEM3080T, but does not have the cloud service of IAMMETER by default.
Because there is no IAMMETER-cloud service by default, the price would be lower than WEM3080T. If you only use the energy meter in Home Assistant, the WEM3050T would be more proper