Can not trigger on IKEA rodret events

Just noticed that I can not use the IKEA Rodret on/off events as triggers in an automation. The remote does work fine and also logs on/off events when I check it in the ZHA device details, but I can not choose those events as automation triggers. This works fine with the older Trådfri dimmer remotes.

Anyone else have any luck with these?

if you go to history and pull up the device or dev-tools->states and pull up the states for that device what does it show you (when it’s not offline).

i’m guessing you should be able to trigger off it’s state. and to do that when you choose the trigger, you should pick “state” not “device”

in general you should avoid using device id’s when you can. here’s why:

I have the same issue with the IKEA rodret device in ZHA since i have updated the firmware. Unfortunately i am not able to redo the firmware update, therefor no automation is working any more. Has someone a workarround?