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I’m ‘just’ started with Home Assistant. I’m running under a RPI 4 with a SSD and a Conbee II USB stick (with extension Cable). I’m started with Home Assistant to get all the systems at home in one place. That’s why i have started a self designed Central Heating project and built in my home. I have made a Process & Identification Diagram from it. (P&ID) (It’s just Dutch, so be aware;-). But Google Translate can maybe help you out.

First simle question:

  1. How can i set this P&ID in the background from Home Assistant LoveLace? It should be simple…
  2. The next step is to set values before the picture (Just on certain places)
  3. Maybe color the valves in right color (Open=White / Closed=Yellow / Failed=Red?)
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Picture elements card and full screen in a lovelace view.

Thanks a lot, i will try to make some custom-cards.

Hi all, it’s a while what’s taking place. I have made a ‘visual’ display too open and close valves in the house. 3

Just with a picture-elements card. Also with click-action (toggle) and change the color of the valves dynamic. It’s a little bit search-work, so maybe this helps a little bit:

  1. Who knows if a ‘thermostat’ card or change a temp-state can in the picture-elements card?
  2. To be honest; i like graphs :relaxed:. Is there any way to put this in the picture-elements card?
    I have this just now on another display…

I have got 2 new temp sensor in HA. I have add this to the hot-tub-storage vessel and one to the fireplace below. Still looking for the questions above.

Have you searched?

Hi sender, how did you find this?
I have searched for graph in picture-card and thermostat in picturecard, but yes there are many combinations. There is no categorie Lovelace right?

Sorry i’m a little bit new here. I found this, but that’s wasn’t working. I think this should work, thanks a lot!

Searched for “picture elements card gauge” :rofl:

:joy: :rofl:. Ok, you won. That comibination wasn’t coming in my mind. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I have made some programations. It’s simple lovely that the programmation can just be done in HA himself.

We can see that the temperature is rising because of the heating during the evening in a ‘storage’ tank. In the morning we release the heating in system, this gives benifit on long therms.

We have the past months installed the electrical part in the house. Also some solar-collectors (working with HACS). What we can see that we can control the temperature. When the price of the gas is too high, we switch over to electrical. We know when the price of electrical is low, because there is then solar-production also.

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Very cool and useful in this time when energy is expensive, so that you can switch to the cheapest source of energy!

Gey @Blieb1988,
any chance you used a specialized software to draw this diagram? Would love to digitalize my heating setup as well!

It is the energy dashboard.

I was talking about @Blieb1988 's nice P&ID diagram:

It’s build in Microsoft Visio, you can add a special libary for it. Then import it as background in HA.
I have make the ‘valves’ dynamic with a flip image. So in normal situation they are green. In blocked situation they are yellow. Like this:

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I have connected the valves in the system with a MT4-230S-NO 230V of MT4-230S-NC 230V Actuator. This are connected to a zigbee device: icasa Zigbee 3.0 On/Off Switch. This device is connected to HA trough Deconz.

It a easy valve system working very wel. You can use the automatitions to control te valves. Take notice that the valves should be open or closed in failure positions.

For the heater in the storage tank (300 liter) i have used a 1,5 kw heater (cost arround €20,-). This is connected with a zigbeemodule from 16A @ 230 V. When enabled this incread the temperature arround 20 degrees each hour… Almost linear untill 60 graden. (Legionella beveiliging)

For temparature reading is connect the Cassaia.

The solar system with Glycoll is now just stand-alone working. This has a OEG KWS-E device. I have not got the improvements to get this in HA yet.


Here is a link about the integration.

right now I’m trying to integrate it.

here it works

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