Changing colors of the History-Graph

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Why is there no way to change the color of the graphs?

Yes. This. More specifically, set colours for specific variables/entities. More customisation in general would be great. While mini-graph allows for colours, you miss out on axes, which I prefer to have. And setting history graph parameters for any entity would be great for the “click on and entity and see what’s been happening” use case.

Maybe some kind of Frankensteining of the current history graph with mini-graph?

yes, +1. I have a history graph showing warm and cold water consumption in one graph. the cold water line is red and the warm water line blue. Highly confusing :wink:

+1 would really like to change the red/green colors for binary sensors

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Another thing, while we are at it, perhaps also a nice idea to allow customizing the on/off true/false values.

I have a sensor for my doorbell, right now it’s always “open” and when the doorbell rings, it’s a split second “closed” (using Aqara door sensor to sense the magnetic field). This obviously doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’d be nicer to have something like Idle/Rang

there is another related WTH topic. Devs confirmed that history requires an overhaul.

IMO history, as presentatiom layer, should allow to group sensors, customize their view etc. At least something simmilar to what is possible with graph cards

While this is in progress, you can define custom colors for graphs using this custom card. It takes color variables too so you can have it match your UI theme.

There’s also a little workaround here:

@Skye: Would you like to make this a separate WTH entry? I think it will be lost here. I encountered the same problem, so you have my vote :wink:

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Here you go: WTH: custom on/off values on history graphs

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that’d be a new device class, nothing to do with graphing because the phrases come from translating the device class. You must have your’s set as door or garage_door.

+1 for color customization, that is really a missing option, in fact I think that should be a native option.
And yes there is mini-graph-card with a lot of very interesting features, but miss value and time scale graduation , yes it’s lovely but you can not really read it.
Please :grinning:
Thank you for this awesome home hassistant

Just FYI: This is being worked on:

Most likely the default colors will be slightly adjusted plus it will be possible for themes to override them.

+1 to this. For leak sensors, I wish Dry was green and Wet was red, not the other way around.

WTH! It’s almost time for another WTH :slight_smile: