Cloud Update


Yes, runs everything in a container (as mentioned here it uses Docker) - so Home Assistant runs in one container, your SSH add-on runs in another, and so on.


Right, in that case how do I access reinos or change the config of I think doesn’t have access to the internet, but docker does since I can install openssh and that has access.

Did I miss something while installing


Ok, it seems there is a docker issue, I had to ssh into the host OS (resinOS) then change the network config to disable IPV6 and manually set the DNS to

Now my can access the internet!

No cloud polling sensor data on hassos for Odroid C2 (beta)

tonyuh, i’m new to all this and i’m running into the same issue. Can you provide steps on how you changed your network config?


hi dustinc,

The easier way is to follow this

In the manual it says to only follow the network setup if you’re using wifi so I skipped this step at first.

Basically you plug the sd card into your PC and you’ll see “system-connections” folder, inside there is a sample file, you can use that and rename it to something like “my-ethernet” or just create a new one and copy the config from the link above. You only need [connection] and [ipv4] if you’re not using ipv6. Change address1 = to be your PI’s IP address.

Then put the SD back into the pi and it should now see “internet” :smiley:


Thank you so much! I also skipped that step, and for whatever reason ran into issues. Now Home Assistant and all of my add-ons can connect.



How often do the devices listed in Google Home’s Devices list for update? So, if I add a new component, how long do I have to wait before I can voice control it?


If you running 0.68 go to Configuration, Home Assistant Cloud, and click “Sync Devices”, the work in Google Assistant on my phone about two minutes later, and on the Google Home a further 30 seconds later. (Sometimes they are quicker).


You also have to sync in HA or in Google - ‘Hey Google Sync my devices’


I did that and now I’ve lost all the components in Google Home except for one. Is this because Google updated Home for Google I/O?


Did you find a solution? same problem


Same problem guys, do you find a solution for this:
I cannot log on to HA cloud and this is the log error

Log Details (ERROR)
Tue May 15 2018 22:21:47 GMT+0800 (AWST)

Error fetching Cognito keyset: Cannot connect to host ssl:True [Try again]


And did you try again as the log suggests? I have just logged out then in successfully.


yes try and try to restart HA for 2 days but nothing, is there another thing that I can try to re fetch the cognito keyset?


After updating to 0.69.1 – I got all my devices back in Google Home.


Any chance of a Harmony hub integration? I had to give up emulated hue with the cloud and while there are some other ways around things they all are somewhat kludgey.


hey, any update on this matter? Would be really useful :slight_smile:


Came home to this today…

Error fetching Cognito keyset: Cannot connect to host ssl:None

Over and over and over again… no idea how to fix it.


I’ve seen the same errors in my log, still not sure how to fix it.


Any chance to get it on the Italian Alexa skill store?