Community Add-on: IDE, based on Cloud9

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But how? There is nothing about port in docs


When you istall the add-on you will see this:
Under the “Config” part, this is where you set it :slight_smile:


Thank you. When I tried to change it into my port (2222), then Cloud9 IDE addon won`t start anymore :frowning:


That port may already be in use by something else.
Why do you need to change this port?


This should not be the same port as your instance is running on, then two things will try to happen at once…


Umm, this could be a cause. Thank you, I will try different port after work at home.


I use port 2222 for my Home assistance Web UI.
Yesterday I finished my SSL DuckDNS setup, setup port forwarding for 2222 and everything seems to be working fine.
Now I needed to edit something in my configuration.yaml and found out, that Configurator and Cloud9 IDE cannot be opened from my remote location. So I changed this port from 8321 to 2222 in configs of both above mentioned addons, but it did not help.

So I guess, that based on reply from @teachingbirds I should setup different port for Cloud9 and make port forwarding to that port on my router, right?


Yes, that is correct. You can never have several applications use the same port on the same device. How would it know which one to go to?


It works now, thank you :slight_smile:


Having an issue on my NUC deployment of hassio. ssl cert is in /config/ssl. When i point to the cert, i get an error saying it can’t find the cert


From the manual:

The file MUST be stored in /ssl/ , which is default for


Thanks! I think I had a bit of a reading comprehension problem when reading the docs :slight_smile:


I just installed this add on. I can access it locally “hassio_ip_address:8321” and everything works fine. I am not able to access it through my Duck DNS address. The following does not work for me: “”. I get a ‘took too long to respond’ error. I have already done the port forwarding in my router for port 8321 on the hassio_ip_address.


Anyone had any luck running this though an SSL Apache Reverse Proxy (Apache VirtualHost Proxy with a Subdirectory)?
I get the login dialog from the IDE, but then it switches to it’s programmed absolute URLs, which breaks the proxying. I.E. Absolute URLs are being used rather than relative ones. :frowning:

What happens, login dialog then blank webpage:
https:/mywebsite/hasside --> https:/mywebsite/ide.html

What should happen:
https:/mywebsite/hasside --> https:/mywebsite/hasside/ide.html

Most applications i’m running allow you to set a webprefix (I.E. “/hasside”).

Any ideas?


Is there a trick to accessing the IDE when you aren’t on your home network?


No special trick… replace “IDE” with Home Assistant in your question, same story and answer.

Multiple options: port forwarding, tor, VPN, SSH port forwarding, online proxy service (e.g. ngrok)


I am able to access home assistant outside of my local network without any issues. I am not able to access IDE when outside of my local network. I am not sure how to debug this. Any suggestions?


Note that by default, IDE uses a different port (8321) so make sure your router is set up for forwarding from that port to your host.


Finally got it working. I had to set up port forwarding on 2 routers, the one from the cable company and google wifi. I forgot about that. Had to do the same thing with HassIO.


:tada: Release v0.6.0

Full Changelog


  • Upgrades bind-tools to 9.12.2_p1-r0
  • Upgrades ncurses to 6.1_p20180818-r1
  • Upgrades nginx to 1.14.0-r1
  • Upgrades openssh-client to 7.7_p1-r3
  • Upgrades Hassio CLI to 1.4.0
  • Upgrades base image to v2.3.0
  • Adds Hassio API security role
  • Upgrades g++ to 6.4.0-r9
  • Upgrades OpenSSL to 1.0.2p-r0

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