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Man, what you describe matches 95% my scenario. I too have a foscam knockoff (FI8909W) and I too access the stream via On the other hand, I too have a cheap ONVIF camera. Both streams are accessible through VLC and ONVIF manager (the latter). I have embedded the stream comming out of the foscam in HA but (and this differs to your writing - that’s why I say 95% :slight_smile: ) I have not managed to access a working stream from HA. I even see that thumbnail on the foscam! :slight_smile:

At some point I was advised to take this to the Discord chat in Shinobi and after exchanging a few configuration files and log files with one of the participants, I was advised to instance a full Shinobi on a 18.04 Ubuntu the ninja way in order to pinpoint whether Shinobi or Hassios’ architecture is the culprit.

Unfortunately I temporarily can’t replicate the scenario. If you have the time, maybe you could follow that recomendation and report back? I would appreciate it a lot.


Here is what I have to put in the Hassio frontend (Just the basics you need)


If i get chance I will post in Discord, but was thinking that I might build a ubuntu server to test if it is possibly a hardware limitation of the Pi3B+


@frenck & @e1miran sorry for confusion, i meant the share folder.

/share/shinobi will map to /share/shinobi in the docker image, too many hours of work last week. I just opened bash on the docker and confirmed so you should be ok to put the font in that folder and then reference from the container.


I tried that. It didn’t work.




Please, can you take a look if the following issues can be solved?

May this PR solves those?

Thanks :+1:


Thank you @ascillato, Shinobi is on the list… Hold on a little longer…


Thanks :wink:


Hi, just managed to get this working. DM if you are interested in my setup.


Hi @frenck, just managed to stream an onvif camera through Shinobi! :slight_smile:

I now realize I can’t access the onvif stream from my iPhone (works fine on my PC). The mjpeg does work apparently. I’m just wondering if you have some experience with that. Is it the iPhone to blame? Shinobi? both?


Hi @frenck

Should the documentation at the top read http://hassio.local:74400/super and not http://hassio.local:5000/super as the admin/super page?



@frenck Any change you’ll be updating the Shinobi addon? Else I’ll switch to a regular version on my Ubuntu server, but I really love the effort you’re putting into the addons. Makes it so much easier!

There are a couple of issues, like videos not being deleted and not being able to mount a harddrive in

Thanks in advance!


Yep, it is the last add-on on the list. Unfortunately I was unable to get it out before my vacation. I expect this week to be picking up on all notification and other stuff and aim for a release next week.


@frenck what would we do without you!!!


:warning: Deprecation Announcement

So here is a sad message. I’ve been working on this add-on quite some time lately. The more energy I put in to it, the more it becomes clear that this add-on has no future.

Therefore I have decided to drop this add-on in the near future and mark it deprecated immediately.


  • The Shinobi project is not maturing. As a matter of fact, IMHO the quality of the project is degrading the last couple of months. Have you ever looked at the Shinobi source code? If you are a little into programming, you should. This is Shinobi (which is actually a single Javascript file): camera.js

  • I’ve spent a serious amount of time getting the add-on updated to the latest and greatest. It kind works, but has got several issues (for example, it fires MySQL queries at the SQLite database and therefore just fails). The road for getting at this point… was not fun at all.

  • The add-on has been marked experimental from the beginning and still is/was.

  • With the growth of the Community Add-ons Project, the expectations of it grow as well. Shinobi just isn’t going to live up to that expectation.

So now what?

The add-on will be available for another month or so. But because of upcoming changes to Hassio it would probably stop functioning sooner.

I’m planning on releasing alternative add-ons for handling CCTV’s on your system, but as with every add-on, building one can take some time.

Thank you for understanding.



Thanks for the effort and all the other add-ons

I could not really get the full blown version running 100% so have reverted to ZoneMinder

Now ZonMinder would make a great simple CCTV plug in


Hi @frenck
Thanks for your efforts here.
After a few years of using Zoneminder and ditching it (due to unreliability), I did try Shinobi for a while but just couldn’t make it work for some of my cams.
I then tried MotionEye - I run it as a docker image on my Mac mini, and point the recorded video to my Drobo. It has been working reliably for the last 6 months or so - very solid. And it does remove old files (older than 30 days in my case)

Maybe that could be an alternative. My only issue is I can’t make it talk to my cheap Digoo M1Q cameras - my daughter has them in her bird aviary. Probably more my problem than MotionEyes - I’ve yet to figure it out.



I also have fallen back to MotionEye. It would be nice if it were turned into a Hassio add-on.


It has!!! check out the available add-ons because the magician @frenck has done some magic lately!


This add-on was deprecated earlier and the time has come to remove it.
The sources stay available on GitHub, in case someone want to build it manually (or fork it).

If you are looking for an alternative, I can definitely recommend: MotionEye

Thanks for all you support. :heart:

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