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not sure if this has to do with the update, but since that, I cant get the right chevron to work. Clicking it does nothing. Manually swiping to the right, makes the right chevron disappear, which should happen of course, but then the most right tab/icon is dead…
HA 101.3, CCH 1.4.9

Hi folks. Long-time listener, first-time caller here… Please forgive me if this has already been asked, but I have an issue that I haven’t seen called out in any of the searches I’ve done.

I have a custom view defined for mobile devices. When accessing via a mobile device, I have CCH configured to hide the home tab (#0) and display my mobile view as the default instead. This all seems to work fine until I navigate somewhere else (map, logbook, etc.) and come back (via the Overview button). In those cases, I land back on the (hidden) Home tab.

Has anyone else run into this? Am I just doing something wrong? Or is this to be expected?

Have you set the default_tab?
Cause I cannot simulate you issue with follwoing setup. No CCM for PC and different layouts for mobile and tablet (home dashboard)

  disable: false
    - conditions:
        user: Kiosk
        default_tab: KioskHome
        disable: false
        disable_sidebar: true
        hide_config: true
        hide_help: true
        hide_unused: true
        menu: false
        options: false
        show_tabs: 'KioskHome,KioskSettings,KioskBedroom,KioskLiving,KioskKids'
        swipe: true
    - conditions:
        user_agent: Android
        default_tab: MobilHome
        disable: false
        disable_sidebar: true
        hide_config: true
        hide_help: true
        hide_unused: true
        menu: false
        options: false
        show_tabs: 'MobilHome,MobilStatus,KioskSettings,KioskBedroom,KioskLiving,KioskKids'
        swipe: true

I have the same issue.
But I’m waiting for the new project

@TriStone I have default_tab set for my mobile devices, but not for anything else.

Though, it looks like I may have missed an update somewhere. My tabs are identified by their IDs, not their names. If it helps, here is my config.

    - conditions:
        user_agent: iPhone
        default_tab: '1'
        disable_sidebar: false
        hide_config: false
        hide_help: false
        hide_tabs: '0'
        hide_unused: false
        menu: show
        notifications: show
        show_tabs: []
        voice: show
        options: show
  swipe: true
  swipe_animate: swipe

not sure if this will be debugged by @mayker so may have to revert to a previous version.
Just noticed the bug isn’t there in my iPhone.

Also noticed one can click about halfway between the icons to the left of the most right icon, either being the chevron or the most right tab.


It is there on the IPhone too, just smaller, so less obvious…

@mayker First off…thanks for making this awesome customization. I’m fairly new to Hassio and it was the little projects like yours that helped convince me to jump ship.

I upgraded to 102 today. My header has returned (it does minimize when I scroll down)

and I’m getting this error in the log every time I refresh lovelace.
Cannot read property 'querySelector' of null 2:02 PM components/system_log/

I reached out to a friend who also uses CCHeader and he is experiencing the same. Thoughts?

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No problems here with CCH and 0.102.1
Latest version (1.4.9) of CCH?

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Same here, so I’d guess, there must be something else… :frowning:

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@VDRainer @paddy0174
Have you both done a manual refresh of your web interfaces? It looked fine for me until I refreshed the page manually.

@VDRainer, thanks for the version check. I’m running 1.4.7 so I will update and report back.

Updated to 1.4.9. …Issue persisted. Reinstalled 1.4.9… same.
Then sat at my desktop and did a ctrl+F5 to force complete refresh and it works fine on my desktop. I still have the issue on my HA android app and android chrome. Now to figure out how to force a refresh on those interfaces.


  • Cleared the HA and Chrome app cache on android and we’re good to go

Not sure if the plugin version, the clearing of the app cache or a combination of both fixed it.
Thanks for the responses.

Same issue here.

I’ve restored 1.4.8, which solves the issue. It brings back this error in the log though:


though it doesn’t seem to have any effect (I can see in the frontend just yet…)

would be best to have a version without either issue…:wink:

Probably have to wait for the new project, best If @mayker continues to put his effort into that than fixing something that is end of life

Hello @mayker long time no see/talk. I was actually wondering if you ever got to fix the wrap: false setting for swipe groups?

But after reading the thread a bit it seems you are working on a new version of CCH?

Anyways I hope you are doing well, I will come back more often to check for current status etc.

Never got to it, I apologize. I will have the new project out soonish, but it will no longer contain swipe navigation. I need to try to keep projects separate from now on. That being said, swipe navigation is the next project on the list to be rewritten.


I don’t really rely on swipe-nav (it makes HA bug out sometimes and require me to log in again, which happens if you refresh and swipe immediately afterwards).

Well I knew I have read somewhere that you were working on a replacement for CCH (completely new right?). That is really cool I am curious what you have changed and removed/added in comparison to its older brother XD.

Thanks for the reply.

looking forward to that!
in the meantime, did you ever have a chance to look at the latest iteration’s error of the silly misplaced place to click in the menu?:


and how we could take that out? Ive reverted to previous version, but obviously each has their own minor issues:

hope you could fix it.

This isn’t an issue in the new project and at this point CCH will receive no more updates. I know it’s an annoying issue, but please just hang tight for a little longer.

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Ok thanks, will do! Glad the issue is recognized👍