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Compact Custom Header


Yeah I am aware of that but want to stick with the future not go back to the past. I think the custom updated is reading the old yaml file so if I edit that it will probably pick it up. Then at least it will update the HD files and I can just manually update the version in the GUI editor. Seems ludeeus is saying he’s not going to update for the new Lovelace. Doubt that’s a long term sustainable position for him to take and not sure why. Anyway I’m certain I can work around it for now.



I’m not saying you should go one way or the other, but I can’t really troubleshoot or offer support for something that is unsupported. Essentially, issues with 0.84 and custom-updater should be directed to that projects github/post.



Hi mate, I deleted everything and started over and after that it works fine! Just a double check.
Did you place both file in this location: www/custom-lovelace/compact-custom-header/

Just to be sure!



You sir just rock! Thnx for everything :smirk:



Totally understand your position. The dev of the custom_updater has stated flat out he won’t support storage.



So I just added this card to the old yaml file and it shows now under custom cards but of course I need to update the GUI version of lovelace in storage but at lease it alerts when you have updated the card and I can just use the button to update and then manually edit the card in the GUI. All good.

Just one other tip for people using chrome… I have lost count of the number of times people tell me to ‘just clear cache and delete all data’. This is a major PITA as you lose cookies for everything and you spend the next day having to log into everything again. However I discovered there is an equally effective way to reset just the Home Assistant page in chrome. If press F12 and load the dev console in chrome, you can then right click on the refresh button in the main browser window and you get some other options like ‘Empty Cache and Hard Reload’ That fixes it without deleting all sites.



You could also just not clear your cookies as it’s unnecessary. Ctrl + shift + R usually does the trick (reloads your current page, ignoring cached content) it is also often referred to as a hard reload/refresh or full reload/refresh. When people say clear your cache, they usually mean just your cache.



Yeah I’ve had various results with that and Lovelace custom cards.




  • Now plays nice with 0.84
  • Card will appear when in edit mode to allow for configuration.
  • Can place card wherever you’d like in a view, no longer required to be last card. No more layout issues with shifting cards and empty columns.

Panel view still requires a vertical stack or “container card”. This is to make it part of the panel, otherwise the “card” isn’t “displayed” and won’t load. If you’re using another type of container card in panel view you can just insert this card into it and not worry about the vertical stack.

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Just as a heads up, apparently the “card” displays when using yaml mode for lovelace. Working on a fix as I post this.




Just a quick one to add a config option for yaml mode. Should fix the error just mentioned. If you use yaml mode for lovelace put this in your config:

Removed this option in later update, no longer needed



The card displays in storage mode as well for me… ver 0.0.9 and continual writes to the log as well now



Outside of edit mode and after a refresh? And the error?



Yes, Yes, Error below - just displays the custom card title in a new card.

Sun Dec 16 2018 12:12:39 GMT+1100 (AEDT)

https://domain.duckdns.org/local/custom-lovelace/compact-custom-header/compact-custom-header.lib.js?v0.0.9:89:18 TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘cch_container.style’)

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Think I see the issue, seems to be with panel view. Working on a fix.



This is such a great idea and thanks for sharing.

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I don’t have panel view on. Also the card isn’t working at all other than showing the card. It’s in a vertical stack right now… might try putting it on it’s own?



yeah… moved out of the stack:
Still throwing an error and the card isn’t working…



Very odd, working great here. Looks like I got some work to do. Which will prove difficult if I can’t reproduce the issues.



Let me know if I can do anything to help trouble shoot. Just d/l 0.10.0 and it’s the same problem so I have removed the card for now. PITA I can’t just comment it out like in the yaml version. In a lot of ways, .storage/lovelace isn’t an upgrade. Hope those 2 branches for lovelace converge!