Convert OpenweatherMap Integration to use "one-call-api"

OpenWeatherMap is making movements to take DarkSky’s users with a new API: one-call-api -

It would be nice if the OpenWeatherMap Integration can be modified to point to this endpoint, giving it hourly forecasts and five day historical data.

This would be awesome.
Please don’t forget the daily forecast (7-days)

There is also some kind of migration guide on OWM.

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One important difference between the two:

One Call API is included in the Free subscription with 1,000 API calls per day . Many other products are available in the same Free subscription, such as Weather Maps, Weather Alerts, etc.

That means you cannot do every-minute calls (1,440 per day). The code will have to throttled to check every 5 or 15 minutes.

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Surely no one needs a weather forecast every minute? This limit should be ok.


Not much different. The free darksky api also limited to 1000 daily calls.

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The first thing to be done will obviously to update pyowm.

The author is asking for help.

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A bonus would be if the integration is built like the dark sky sensor. Being able to select what to track, and giving a separate sensor for each day/condition combination really made it easy to set up automations based on certain criteria. This is how I used darksky, and would love something to be able to use as a drop in replacement.

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This seems like it would be an awesome replacement for Dark Sky. Im glad that someone has jumped on that fast.

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I’d love to see this. It’s currently not possible with any built in HA integration to get a (meaningful) daily forecast for the UK. Was pointed at this thread from my comment on this here: Openweathermap forecasts not general daily forecast

If there are any interested HomeHabit users, I’ve raised an ‘Idea’ for HomeHabit to support the daily forecasts if you want to vote for it here:

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Great. Should be great if they had a human readable daily text for TTS usage. Dark sky does provide that.

The OneCall API supports a weather.description element which they say is comparable to the Dark Sky API’s Summary. So, when OneCall is adapted, I would think that works.

Easily templatable from any weather component.

Looks like onecall API has been added to the devlop branch of the pyowm github.


I have implmented the One-Call Api in pyowm and I also planned to update the integration in HA, when the pyowm version 3 is released. At the moment we are testing the new feature.
@freekode has done already the new required UI setup and some other great improvement in the owm integration. His PR is only waiting to be merged (
When the PR is merged, it takes me a couple of hours to implement it in the HA.


Great! Thank you very much! Many, many people (like me) appreciate that!!!

Very exciting. I’ve been able to learn a lot putting together something that I could as a stop gap but I also look forward to using this!

Great to read the new api is almost implemented! Thank you!

Hope the daily min/max temperature values will then be simply exposed by the owm plugin.

Great news, but if I get it right, this won‘t be in the next release.
This means we will have to wait a couple of weeks more.
Is it possible to release it as a custom component in hacs?

Release week. Postings peak, complaints and moans come in, tempers flare.

In the age of lockdown, this is our entertainment :slight_smile:

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I don‘t see any reason to publish the integration in the meantime as custom component. I think publishing on hacs will make more confusion as it will help. Because then we have to different versions…