☀️ Cover Control Automation (CCA) - a comprehensive and highly configurable roller blind blueprint

Did you see it?

        "open_position": 100,
        "close_position": 0,
        "shading_position": 0,

The roller blind has moved to the shading position. And this is set to 0.

ok got it, i changed the shading position from 25% to 0% and for me it was supposed not to be in condition for shading. I will try again to see if i can enable/disable the shading as expected.

Thanks for your help

@Herr.Vorragend see here the helper at 8:30. open=true & shading=true !?

But I need the trace of 8:00.

Shit - already gone for today. Will check tomorrow

By the way: it is possible to increase the stored traces: Automation YAML - Home Assistant

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Hi, I have an error when I try to import the blueprint into my home assistant automation :frowning:

I get the following error :
Invalid blueprint: extra keys not allowed @ data[‘blueprint’][‘input’][‘actions_section’][‘collapsed’] etc…

The error is relly long. I don’t relly know what could happend, I can import some other blueprint without any issue… If someone have an idea.

Thx a lot :slight_smile:

Please update your core version. See latest changelog.

Edit: I have now also included a note in the first post.

Thx a lot :slight_smile:

i have the latest HA Core and Blueprint installed. The shutters do not drive as before the update

One example where the shutter is set to drive down between 17:00 to 19:00 depending on the brightness.

  path: hvorragend/cover_control_automation.yaml
    blind: cover.hm_lc_bl1_fm_oeq0257910
      - auto_up_enabled
      - auto_down_enabled
      - auto_brightness_enabled
    cover_status_options: cover_helper_enabled
    cover_status_helper: input_text.rollo_kinder_sz_cover_status
    time_up_early: '06:45:00'
    time_up_early_non_workday: '08:30:00'
    time_up_late: '08:00:00'
    time_up_late_non_workday: '09:30:00'
    time_down_early: '17:00:00'
    time_down_early_non_workday: '17:00:00'
    time_down_late: '19:00:00'
    time_down_late_non_workday: '19:30:00'
    default_brightness_sensor: sensor.wetterstation_lichtintensitat
    brightness_up: 100
    brightness_down: 20
    workday_sensor: binary_sensor.workday_sensor
    resident_sensor: input_boolean.rollladen_automatik_schalter
    contact_sensor: binary_sensor.kinder_schlafzimmer_fenster
    ventilate_position: 20
    shading_forecast_sensor: weather.forecast_home
      - ignore_ventilation_after_manual
17:00:00 - Vor 2 Stunden

We have exceeded 19:00 now but nothing happened.

It started the drive down with the non workday time 19:30 but we have a workday now.


The same i observed with the drive up. It will always take the non workday time on workday, too.

I had the same problem this morning. The workday_sensor had not updated, it was still the weekend. I had to reload the workday_sensor integration. Bug in 2024.06.x ?!

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My workday sensor is still off, too

Off means weekend, right? So this seems to be the cause.

That’s right. Simply reload the integration of the workday_sensor. Then the sensor should come on

It is not a CCA bug. :grinning:

Please see: Work Day Integration Issue · Issue #119248 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

Will be fixed in 2024.6.2


I agree, right after i just reloaded the workday sensor CCA is working again. So nothing to see here :slight_smile:

Hello, I have now created a cover status helper for all the shutters. It worked once, but now the shading is not working again. I have even more problems now because the shutters are also being lowered at 10 p.m. even though the lux value is still over 2 lux. They should only be lowered when the lux value is under 2 lux.

alias: ES_Ro_Fest_Links
description: ""
  path: hvorragend/cover_control_automation.yaml
    blind: cover.hmipw_drbl4_00165f29980809_ch2
      - auto_up_enabled
      - auto_down_enabled
      - auto_brightness_enabled
      - auto_shading_enabled
    cover_status_helper: input_text.ro_es_fest_links
    close_position: 30
    shading_position: 70
    default_brightness_sensor: sensor.raspberry_sv_wm_lux
    brightness_down: 2
    brightness_up: 5
    shading_brightness_sensor: sensor.raspberry_sv_wm_lux
    shading_sun_brightness_start: 8000
    shading_sun_brightness_end: 5000
    shading_azimuth_start: 200
    shading_azimuth_end: 300
    shading_elevation_max: 90
    shading_temperatur_sensor1: sensor.raspberry_sv_wm_temperatur
    shading_min_temperatur1: 2
    workday_sensor: binary_sensor.workday_sensor
    time_up_early: "04:00:00"
    time_up_early_non_workday: "05:00:00"
    time_up_late: "05:00:00"
    time_up_late_non_workday: "07:00:00"
    time_down_early: "22:00:00"
    time_down_early_non_workday: "23:00:00"
    time_down_late: "00:00:00"
    time_down_late_non_workday: "00:00:00"
    cover_status_options: cover_helper_enabled

https://drive.google.com/file/d/10j5SLa3Nt9ZkoB_Ix6gVd83PqtAOV6Cg/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Glr-DKRKuxehTgI-rrONUHag5DuTwfer/view?usp=sharing, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zGoNUOlQ_-byM4O-4TfumJXKOKskGjKc/view?usp=sharing

I cannot access your traces.

This works differently. 22:00 is the default value for the latest time. Then it doesn’t matter how bright it is.

Do you now have access to the traces?

But I set the late time to 11 p.m. on Workday and 12 a.m. on not Workday.