☀️ Cover Control Automation (CCA) - a comprehensive and highly configurable roller blind blueprint

Lockout protection doesn’t work as expected for this config:

alias: "Rolladen: Wohnzimmer Terrasse"
description: >-
  fährt nach Sonnenauf- /untergangszeiten, aber nur innerhalb des Fensters (7-9

  Beschattung ab 18 Grad
  path: hvorragend/cover_control_automation.yaml
    shading_forecast_sensor: weather.openweathermap
    blind: cover.rolladen_wohnzimmer_terrasse
    time_up_early: "06:30:00"
    time_up_early_non_workday: "07:30:00"
    time_up_late: "07:30:00"
    time_up_late_non_workday: "08:00:00"
    sun_elevation_up: -5
    time_down_early: "17:00:00"
    time_down_early_non_workday: "17:00:00"
    time_down_late: "22:00:00"
    time_down_late_non_workday: "22:00:00"
    sun_elevation_down: -4
    drive_delay_fix: 0
    drive_delay_random: 5
    position_tolerance: 5
    shading_azimuth_start: 158
    shading_azimuth_end: 258
    shading_forecast_temp: 18
    workday_sensor: binary_sensor.workday_sensor
    check_config_debuglevel: info
    check_config: false
      - auto_up_enabled
      - auto_down_enabled
      - auto_sun_enabled
      - auto_shading_enabled
      - auto_lockout_protection_enabled
    shading_position: 40
    time_control: time_control_input
    ventilate_position: 85
      - prevent_close_after_lockout
      - prevent_shading_end_if_closed
      - allow_shading_multiple_times
      - ignore_shading_after_manual
      - sunny
      - partlycloudy
      - clear
    auto_shading_end_condition: []
      - condition: state
        entity_id: binary_sensor.fenstersensor_terrassentur_contact
        state: "off"
      - service: notify.persistent_notification
        metadata: {}
          message: "Terrasse: Beschattung gestartet"
    contact_sensor_lockout: binary_sensor.fenstersensor_terrassentur_contact
  stored_traces: 20

window-sensor was “open” but still the shutter closed at 22:00 (closing time).

So you only want to lower the blind using the azimuth of 90 and open it again at 193? I can’t see any other sensors. And everything else is apparently deactivated.
Resident does not play a role in shadowing, by the way.

Please do me a favor and show me a trace. Without traces, all I can do is guess with a crystal ball.

You don’t have a cover helper enabled.

Please take a look in this post:

oh shit, thanks - i already created it but forgot to assign it :slight_smile:

its now stored here! https://github.com/hvorragend/ha-blueprints/issues/108

Thank you for the reply. I failed the first rule of error handling: restart. It seemed that the cover state was not updated correctly and after a restart everything worked fine.
Now I’m just having issues with the forecast, I think I will deactivate it. DWD says its pouring for 3 hours but the sun is shining :wink:

Yeah exactly, so just basic shading.

Attached you can find my trace (i added the auto opening and closing, this is working, but shading not)

Trace, please.

Update: Oh, I read it wrong in a hurry. Everything seems to be in order, doesn’t it?

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Could you please choose another uploaded?
I can’t scroll the trace in my smartphone. Sorry.

Before I do it with try and error I’d better ask. I have set what should happen after the shading has ended. If it is before 7:30 p.m., the blinds should open; if it is after 7:30 p.m., they should close. Will that work?

some strange situation:

  1. door was open → statushelper of the cover changed to ventilation = true
  2. weather condition changed to cloudy (no shading) and triggers the automation → statushelper changed to ventilation = false…BUT the door was still open, so ventilation still should be true!!
  3. weather condition changed again to partially cloudy ( shading = true) and triggers the automation again → cover closed, but it shouldn’t because the door is still open!

:door: Contact Sensor Entity For Lockout Protection defined?

lockout is not defined, but ventilation, but it doesn’t matter which is defined, because if the conact sensor is open, nothing should close :wink:

Then you’d better try Trial&Error, because how am I supposed to answer that? I don’t think it’s intended for such purposes. But I’m sure you’ll tell me soon. I’m not omniscient. :grinning:

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Then please show me the trace of 2) and 3).

I’ll tell you, it works :sweat_smile:

But I have a different problem. I have activated manual overwriting. But unfortunately it doesn’t work.

here we go:
trace for 2) : https://file.io/UlIoj6kTEUZx
trace for 3) : https://file.io/JXUt9HVkEnVb
and a picture from the statushelper changes:


Vielen Dank!

You have uploaded two traces.
With the first, the shading is started as desired and the blind is moved to 25%.

The second trace with the trigger ID “t_ma_1” is the reaction to something that happened shortly before. That doesn’t help me.

But I don’t see any problems. Everything looks fine.

This seem to a bug. Moved to Override conditions seem to be wrong · Issue #109 · hvorragend/ha-blueprints · GitHub

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