[Custom Component] Alarmo - browser managed alarm system

You could go at it in numerous ways. :slight_smile:

  • Use a repeat function, in this case a while-loop, see here:
    Script Syntax - Home Assistant
  • Change the trigger to be fired at all state changes. You limit it to only trigger, when you go to the state “triggered”. Leave that out, so it triggers on every state change.

All of that should work, it’s your choice where you feel the most comfortable with.

EDIT: and what I forgot, another way would be to just write a second automation, that resets the alarm. :slight_smile: Just to note another possible way. :laughing:

No problem Patrick, you tried! :+1: :bowing_man:
In the first place I posted this so this error could be prevented.
I removed everything and reinstalled so now it’s OK.

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Perfect, thank you!

With the above sorted, on to a new issue. I’m trying to set up automations to trigger the alarm. Here’s what I’m doing:

alias: Test arm alarm
description: ""
  - device_id: 4d328b3aa26b9354955a6450c590e101
    domain: zha
    platform: device
    type: remote_button_triple_press
    subtype: Up
condition: []
  - service: alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_home
    metadata: {}
    data: {}
mode: single

When I triple click the button, the automation shows as run in HA, but the alarm is not armed.

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I don’t know what it is…

Not exactly sure, what you’re trying to do here. :open_mouth: :laughing:

The service-call alarm_control_panel.xxx is from the HA alarm integration, where you’re using Alarmo. :wink: You see, where this is going? :laughing: Happens to the best of us :rofl: :rofl:

For Alarmo you need to use the Alarmo service-calls. Take a look here at the example on the Alarmo page, it practically is your automation. :wink:

Lol. Well, not sure if I feel more or less dumb now that I know the answer.


@Obioban @paddy0174
Service alarm_control_panel.alarm_arm_home should work fine with alarmo.
However you should provide the entity_id of the alarm entity.
The alarmo.arm service is only created to allow some extra settings (like skipping the exit delay or bypassing blocking sensors).

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But you would have to enable the alarm integration first, or does Alarmo do this by default? :slight_smile: On the other hand, now that you say it, I don’t have an (HA) alarm configured, and I do have these service-calls… :thinking: :open_mouth:

Thanks for pointing it out, I didn’t know that! :slight_smile:

@Obioban You feel great, because you got it working! :slight_smile: :+1:

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@neliss Thank you so much for this custom component! I was wondering though if you have considered submitting the Alarmo integration component to the Home Assistant Core repository for default inclusion?

Please see this related feature request that I newly posted to ask for Alarmo or a similar integration to be included in Home Assistant Core by default to make what this offers more accessible to new users:

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Yes I have considered submitting a PR for Alarmo, but I am afraid it will never be merged. There are many reasons, to name a couple:

  • HA components are (mostly) meant to provide interfaces with external devices/services. This component doesn’t fit in here since it only combines existing entities to provide functionality, like an automation.
  • HA components are not supposed to require a dedicated frontend panel for configuration.
  • Alarmo creates its own database of user/pin combinations (amongst other data), I think this is frowned upon.
  • Alarmo has its own rudimentary automations ‘engine’ (for creating simple tasks like sending a notification), I don’t think this is appreciated.
  • I’m sure my coding quality and style is not up to par with HA, I’m just sharing this project as a hobbyist.
  • I don’t feel motivated for stripping down alarmo and endless code reviews. I rather spend the limited time I have on expanding it to my (and the users) likings.

I believe that alarm integration in HA should be built from the ground up and requires careful thought and attention of the HA dev team. I see it very strange that alarm functionality is still missing. If you ask me it is way more essential than voice assist, which currently seems to be the main priority of the developers.


@neliss thank you for your detailed answer, all awesome argumentets and valid points. Would be great if you could also copy that same reply to the new linked feature request, and especially your comment that there should be an native integration or features for this inside Home Assistent Core even is that is not all that is in Alarmo (at least not as it is today):

I’ll have to admit, you’re running a good promo tour here! :+1: :laughing: Just to note, you can always do that by yourself. Select the text in the post you’re interested in, click “Copy quote” and then post it in the other thread by just responding and pasting in the “copied quote”. The author of the original post gets notified and all. :slight_smile:

I had my first environmental sensor trigger of Alarmo today. Worked well! One of the kids had flooded the bathroom.

When I disarmed it, I used my code… wondering if in an emergency situation like a fire, whether Disarm should be allowed without a code? Remembering a code while the siren is screaming and if it was a fire to manage too - perhaps a codeless disarm would be better. I could create a button and an automation - but using the same Alarmo card would be more intuitive.

After latest update of Alarmo I got this error message (running HAOS 2024.6.4). Any ideas?

Setup failed for custom integration ‘alarmo’: Unable to import component: cannot import name ‘StaticPathConfig’ from ‘homeassistant.components.http’ (/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/components/http/init.py)

I might be wrong but I got the message:


(Ignore the energy, just got an example of the message).
I use the notification to write which sensor has been tripped and then it calls my phone using an Asterisk server.
I tried to write the notification on yaml but it doesn’t allow me to save it on Alarmo.
Am I mixing things up or is this genuine? :slight_smile:

Quick edit:

This is what I have on the notify bit inside Alarmo:

service: notify.me_asterisk
  message: "House alarm has been triggered! Cause: {{open_sensors|format=short}}."
  title: ""

And this is what I tried which errors out:

service: notify.send_message
  entity_id: notify.me_asterisk
  message: "House alarm has been triggered! Cause: {{open_sensors|format=short}}."
  title: ""

Maybe quite a basic question: I was wondering if there was any possibility to make a requirement for a disarm code for the Away Alert but no requirement for disarmin night alert? So far we’re using the Aqara Alert System and are used to disarm Night alert wih a single click on a button. Dien’t figure out to do this with Alarmo so far. Thank you!