[Custom component] AsusRouter integration

That should not be a problem, in principle.

I don’t have lots of statistics, but my 2 HA instances are actually working in exactly the same way in Hyper-V VMs of a PC and all 3 show up. But from time to time one of them might disappear for some period of time. I’ll try to watch their behaviour to find if there is something I can improve in tracking them

Thank you. Taking a guess here, the MAC address of the HA VM starts with 00. None of the other devices do. The HA VM is the only one that doesn’t show in the list in the integration. Maybe the leading 00 is a cause?

No, it should not be a problem

Well I’ve tried a number of things now. The ASUS client list shows all connected devices, but the HA ASUS integration shows all of them except the homeassistant server. Maybe ASUS or merlin made a change in the latest firmware that’s excluding certain entries for some reason.

EDIT: So I removed the homeassistant server from the DHCP list on the router, then set the server to use a static address, then restarted the router… now the ASUS client list doesn’t show the homeassistant server at all. So maybe that had been cached before and kept being displayed on the router client list, but the integration was receiving a more updated list? Who knows.

0.18.0 :rocket: Better backend


:rocket: Features

  • Updated backend asusrouter library and communication with Asus API:
    • minimized number of API requests
    • updated obtaining of connected devices data
    • updated LED features
    • updated communication with all the used API endpoints
  • Added secondary WAN info (feature request #464)
  • Added access point mode of operation (feature request #C397)
  • Removed deprecated fields and simplified configuration flow

:bug: Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with beta FW versions (report #467)
  • Removed restart_firewall button from AiMesh node mode of operation (a node cannot control firewall in any case, so the entity was useless)

:open_book: Translations

:books: Documentation

  • Updated compatible devices list

:package: Dependencies

0.18.1 :hammer_and_wrench: Better FW handling and more


:rocket: Features

  • Improved parsing of FW versions

:bug: Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug with VPN switches (report #C414)
  • Fixed bug with handling errors on API requests for WLAN and GWLAN data

:package: Dependencies

:octopus: → 0.18.1 on GitHub ←

:coffee: Support AsusRouter

Monetary support:

  • You can make a donation using the Buy Me a Coffee service
  • Thinking of buying a new Asus router to use with AsusRouter integration? Check the compatibility list in our Docs. If you will use any of the Amazon Associate links, I might get a small (1-3%) bonus from Amazon (usage of the associate links does not change the price of the items for you)

Non-monetary support:

  • Star AsusRouter repository
  • Know a person with an Asus device using Home Assistant but not AsusRouter? Let them know, AsusRouter is cool and has lots of useful features

:hammer_and_pick: New firmware support

Maybe you have already seen it, but some of the newer devices have recent beta FW versions starting with In this case, 9 just means beta, but the more important part is switching from 4 to 6. Not like Asus did it ever before, so some parts of the API might become completely different - who knows?

My goal will be to support all the possible devices and FWs but in case of large changes that will take some time. Also, rumours are not on the side of older devices (including my RT-AX88U), so I am not sure when I will get a chance to try these new versions in real life.

:loudspeaker: Want AsusRouter to become a native part of Home Assistant?

Vote for the feature request on this forum. More votes - more chances to be accepted into HA Core

:vertical_traffic_light: Not an announcement anymore

@spry-salt, might be, that something was not cached properly. In any case, I am glad, everything works fine for you now.

@majorsl, @dr3as, please, check the new access_point mode and let me know what do you think and whether it should be improved more.

P.S. to everyone. If I have forgotten to answer your message here on the forum, just remind me - it’s completely fine. From time to time I might postpone replying and then forget. Sorry in such a case :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your work, it’s such a cool integration. Just ran into an error with the latest though, trying to switch on or off a vpn client:

2023-01-22 18:29:34.539 ERROR (MainThread) [custom_components.asusrouter.switch] Switch control has returned an exception: ('Something went wrong running service `stop_vpnclient1`.Raw result is: {}', None)

Do I need to change anything for that switch to work in the updated version please?

Hey, what is your device and FW version?

RT-AC86U, Firmware:

It will be fixed in 0.18.1.

The release is expected probably later today. Need to fix one more bug before that

Thanks again for the work you’re doing.

:loudspeaker: 0.18.1 is out with several bug fixes and the full release log is up there.

@spry-salt, please check it, when you will have a possibility

By the way, are there any users of the new RT-AX88U Pro, TUF Gaming AX6000 or others? Curious if someone has the new beta builds on their devices to check their work with AsusRouter

Thanks, vpn switch works again!

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Hello all. Thanks for putting together this component. I’m looking for a little help using this component in a Node-Red flow. I’d like to block internet access to a specific device. I beleive I would use the call service node with the device_internet_access service. I would then put the entity ID (the device to block) and the block access command in the data field. Can someone help me with the JSON syntax for this? Appreciate the help.

In Version: 0.18.1 i get this problem. Asus GT-AX 11000

This entity is no longer being provided by the asusrouter integration. If the entity is no longer in use, delete it in settings.

I don’t know if it’s related, But Yesterday i got the “same” message for various “entities” during a “re-setup” of “Tuya Local” ( there it said, no longer provided by Tuya-Local ), where i have my wifi-switches, i was about to get frustrated because the devices where indeed there, and visible in router, and working in mobile-app , i rebooted etc. etc. and those i had re-integrated in “Tuya Local” were greyed-out (not working) on and off, totally crazy evening.

How ever the Tracker-entities were all there during that, and working fine as usual … which got me to the conclusion that it might not be latest AsusR update, but maybe latest Core update … anyway 3-4 reboot during yesterday eve, i eventually got All wifi switches reinstall in “Tuya-Local”, and the switches working again.( not greyed out )

@automateitall, I will check with Node-Red flows and publish something on using AsusRouter services a bit later today

@poudenes, please, try reloading AsusRouter using the Reload button on the integrations page


It might be, that the result will be different from just rebooting all the HA - don’t ask why - it just happens. In general, the restart_firewall entity should become active again. If not, please open an issue on GitHub.

With my dump head I removed the entity. So it will not show up again. Have to remove the integration and reinstall it again I think

Actually, you don’t need to remove and set up the integration. If everything works as expected, the entity will just appear again after restarting integration / HA

after HA restart its not coming back.

Do you have the integration settings set to the router mode or any other?