[Custom Component] Tapo: Cameras Control

Disable everything using the rtsp stream. Add camera and then use webrtc go2rtc automatically generated rtsp restream URL for other apps you want to use RTSP stream for. That way, you are using only 1 stream and restream it via ha.

is there any way of doing a screenshot and sending by messenenger to my phone?

i have the C210 tapo cam.

Maybe somebody has any example code for me for an automatisation.

Thanks in advance!

I think it is in somewhere in the history but do not found.
I have a camera in sub network.
The question what IP or ports need to open and insert to IP address field?

I open and tested the 3 mentioned port are open.

If you don’t have any specific reasons/settings in your Router, for your local lan, i suggest you reset your Router to Default Settings …

You should NOT open any ports to Wan !

And if you have a Camera in a Subnet, it’s obvious this Cameras IP, you should “Allow” into your “ordanary” LAN ( Where your HA is … If that’s how your “setup” looks like

PS: I Wonder why/how you manage to create a subnet !

How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question.

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I have a C420 that I recently purchased (connected to a H200 hub). Im having trouble figuring out what features are and are not supported by this integration.
I understand live view via HA , and the movement detector sensor are not supported - Is that correct? Or am I doing something wrong.

I believe the same goes for you, please read below ( and above link ) if you expect any constructive response
How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question !

… and go into /Settings/Devices-Services/Tapo-camera-integration/click ur device, check which configuration you can do, and check which/how many “Entities” you have to “play with”

Thanks for that blunt response - Although all I was asking was what features of the C420 are expected to be working, as Im unable to locate any specific information regarding this model in this thread, and the information on the github repository mentions that it is supported, but not to what extent.

Edit: Im assuming that due to the current lack of OMVIF support on these models that is the reason that these features are not available -

I have been through the read me information, and the open and closed issues on github that reference this model already. It might be a good thing to crowd source a “supported models” sort of page to make this information easily accessable

It is in readme.


@BornInThe50s, looks like you are stuck in somewhat the same place as I am with my C500. RTSP works fine in Frigate, VLC, HA’s Generic Camera etc. but can’t get the Tapo plugin to accept ip and credentials (have obviously tried stopping the other RTSP uses to avoid overloading). Did you ever work out a way around it ?

Reset your Camera( And wipe settings for it in i.e Frigate/VLC etc., install / configure it in the “order” you need/want it
I.e HA first “done” , frigate next “done”, VLC etc. ( or as mentioned, tha’t’s what Frigate is for )

Don’t just “Stop it” if it’s configured in i.e HA-Generic-Cam or somewhere else, wipe it , start over, in the “right” end … and don’t wonder anymore why you can’t keep adding it everywhere :slightly_smiling_face:

Has anybody tried to automate pan/tilt function of certain tapo cameras to follow people that “intrudes” the already set perimeter that tapo system comes with?

I was just wondering if that was even possible?

Hey guys,
Recently I bought a Tapo C210 to play with. I put it on a vlan that has no internet connection.

The stream is fine both in Blue iris and this great HA integration.

However, the pan (part of PTZ) function does not work properly and makes the camera crash and hence camera reboots (same behaviour in blue iris and this integration).

If I temporarily connect the camera to the internet, this integration’s pan (i.e. moving left, right, top, bottom) starts working (however, blue iris still struggles).
This gives me the impression that PTZ on this integration is not implemented through ONVIF (am I right?).

Is there a way to achieve PTZ functionality without internet connectivity?

This integration works fully locally and uses HTTPS control.

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Is it poosible to send a short video/screenshot to telegram when a motion is detected?

Yes this is general home assistant question you can find many solutions for on the Google.

I mean, is a there a way to send a video of motion detected ising tapo integration ?

Use home assistant automation with camera and binary sensor entities.

Could you please share an example, that would really help. I have tapo c200.

I think Juraj is telling you to do some research as its not a specific Tapo query…
Have a look at this for example 📸 Send camera snapshot notification on motion to get you started

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Hi all, would it possible to add a sensor for WiFi signal strength related to Tapo cameras?
I suspect WiFi is not stable in my home network and one camera could be too far from the AP, but I’d like to see some data to verify it. I see WiFi signal strength in the Tapo app, so I’m wondering if this data can be retrieved and historically tracked in HA.
Thanks in advance.