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Hello guys, how to set"Home Assistant" text at header dissapear? And make our view(tab) like this ?

Thanks very much

The Home Assistant text disappears when you scroll down. Otherwise this is not currently an option.

Screen shots you see with the header minimized are just shots with the main panel scrolled down; the header automatically adjusts.

I’ve tried that, but there’s no reference to “replace” Home Assistant text with our menu.
From the picture that I attached, there was a yellow bar below “STUFF” and “OTHER”, is that custom view? Because I just have white bar below my view group.

Yes it is, is there another reference to “hidden” Home Assistant text without scrolling page?

Can you provide the full screen shot?

This is default view :

After scroll down :

The text " Home Assistant" dissapeared as you said, but is there another way to set “Switch” and “Setting” group view as a “header” menu (replace Home Assistant) without scrolling down like in this article?

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As I stated this is not currently an option. To do so, you’d have to figure out the code in Polymer - the library used to do the front end - and modify it.

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Ok, thanks for the reference.

Have you tried contacting the user directly? If he’s figured out a way of doing this, you could PM him.

Not yet, I’ll try to PM him.

There’s nothing in his configuration files that accounts for this so it would have to be either custom or he’s using an old version of HA where this was possible. The last time his repo was updated was 9 months ago and there’s no way of telling what version he is using. The UI has gone through many changes.

Oh, there is one question, is the group view arranged automatically from top to bottom? Or we can set a group view beside another group view?

Not sure what you mean here; are you referring to the order of the cards in the main panel?

Yes, the order of the cards, can I set a card order manually?

I’m not sure if this still works or if it was changed; you’d have to check it out. It seems to work in one of my views though.

Thanks, I’ll try that

If indeed that user has figured out a way to disable the text in the header, please share it back here. I was part of another thread going some time back about this and we could not figure a way out to do it. I dug into the CSS for a bit and couldn’t find anything either.


Has anyone figured out how to do this? I love HASS but the header is taking up quite a bit of space, depending on the device/resolution.

I already convinced a colleague to look into HASS today, I feel I deserve to hide the header now :slight_smile:

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