Daikin Integration - Updated 2022-09-26

Here is an update from Daikin Belgium after I ask for the status of the API integration
"They are still working on it, but it is going a little slower than planned/expected. The design department has been asked to make an adjustment that has a major impact.
It is currently hoped for early/mid 2023."

Having failed to get my new Daikin installation into HA, I searched for the reason. While the installer said it should, I could get it working. Yesterday, I joined a presentation let by Daikin personel and, off-line, I talk them about my ‘bad’ experience. Today, I finally got the answers to my questions in clear. Here the answer from Daikin:
“There is actually quite a story behind it. HA used the local API that our first Wifi modules had. In itself there is no problem with that.So there is a difference between the first modules A, B version and our so-called 4th generation WiFi modules. The C version.
The difference between the 2 is that the A,B version has a local API and the C version has NO local API.
The C-versions are in the new Perfera and the new Emura devices. Also BRP069C81/82 for sky devices.
We at Daikin Belgium and also Daikin Europe believe that there should be a local API for connection with home automation systems such as HA. Unfortunately Japan is a little more closed and they don’t agree.
Daikin Europe has opened up a cloud API connection for Domotica systems such as Niko home control, but Niko had to sign an NDA for this. So this is impossible for any DIY home automation programmer.
BUT! Daikin Europe is currently working on opening up a cloud API for DIY home automation such as HA.
At the moment it is still a bit stuck at Legal deparment but it should be sorted out soon.
This would mean that HA will also be able to use the punch line API.”
So if the module has a C in it eg BRP069C81, you won’t be able to use the Daikin integration at this moment. All of you who have BRP069A… or BRP069B… are the lucky ones for the moment.
and yes, this is indicated on the HA Daikin page but maybe this makes it clearer and also, there is hope in the near future :slight_smile:


That’s essentially what this says:


It’s right at the top of the integration page so pretty hard to miss.

Good to know that there is some support for a local API inside Daikin though.

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And here is how to know what Network Gateway and its version is installed in your unit(s). Using the Daikin app Onecta on your smartphone, do the following

Any news from Daikin? I’m really disappointed that a modern brand-new AC unit can’t be integrated with HA.

This integration works. We use it all the time.

Not local though.
Daikin have made a lot of bad decisions recently - the fact that you cannot turn the local AP off is annoying. We have 10 of their units in the house, and therefore the amount of wifi noise is stupid - most days at least one unit will drop off the Wifi. Installer has passed it back to Daikin but it is like talking to a brick wall apparently.


It does work, thanks a lot! I would have preferred local but it’s better than nothing.
I’m also annoyed by the lingering AP, what’s the point once it has joined your WiFi network ?

I’m about to buy a daikin ceiling model (air condition) that’s supposed to blow 4-ways, i wonder if i can just buy and plugin in a A or B module to it to avoid any silliness that a C module would give me, does anyone know ?

I think it’s gonna be one of these:
Ceiling Mounted Cassette
(Round Flow with Sensing) Type

Does anyone know where we can write an email to Japan. I have 8 units in my home and 2 of them use the C module.

I really hope they would come around and allow for HA integration. Ordering the units is hard enough, waited almost 3-4 months to receive my orders for the old and new type adapters.

Interesting I’ve just had 4 Daikin Stylish units installed in the U.K. and they were shipped with the ‘B’ WiFi adapters: BRP069B4x

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I use the Daikin integration with great success overall.
But I cant get the sensor “heat energy consumption” to work.
If I want to track the energy use with this over a day using an Utility Meter, is that possible? I get a value but it’s not correct when I trash the energy use it actually consume through my total energy meter of the house.
Do I need to edit the utility meter somehow for it to work? Since that sensor Daikin Heat Energy Consumption seem to go up and down.


I’m confused! The above states that BRP069C4x can’t be used with HA but GitHub - rospogrigio/daikin_residential: Cloud control of Daikin devices that are supported by Daikin Residential Controller app. states that it can:

That is a third party integration. The note on compatibility I posted is for the core integration.

Hello, I have a daikin unit, and I amb thinking of have it controlled also by home assistant.
¿any news in this topic?
Their webpage says my wifi controller for my unit should be: BRP069C81

thank you all very much

Dear all.
Sad to read that Daikin is old-school. A reason to look for alternatives.
For those who have a problem, I just came across a website that describes how you can go around using a remote control in combination with a HUB having an ESP32. I have not tried myself. Here is the link. Tuya IR Hub: control Daikin AC (Home Assistant + ESPHome) | Savjee.be . Good luck.

Heyo. Anyone have any idea how a AZA16WSCDKB-DAI adapter maps to any of the more commonly referenced models? (This is the wifi unit model number that would be installed by a local outfit here, trying to figure out in advance if it would work with HA.)

Having encountered this snafu as well (closed local api) I contacted Daikin Sweden in regards to the removal of the one open api.

I got a respons that he would forward my concerns to the department at hand but also a side note that there might be an api support coming later this year.

I will not take it as a promise but it’s not a hard no and it’s in line with what others have received as well so we might actually be getting it.

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This works great!

At first; I needed to put the daikin_residential folder in custom compontents, then restart.
Then add config to configuration.yaml and restart again.

I have 4 BRP069C4x units that can be controlled using this custom integration.

A quickly added card is attached. Now to make it look pretty…

Kudos! Great job!!!

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Hi, I have the same issue but with 12 Wi-Fi networks :see_no_evil:.
I asked Daikin how to turn off the AP-Mode. They explained me that they now about the bug and want to fix them with a new firmware update. So we have to wait.

Glad I found this topic!
I’m looking to buy 6 AC units and I want them to have HA integration, Daikin was one of the brands I was considering but this is a deal breaker for me.

If they charge premium for their products, removing features makes no sense…

We’re having some installed next month. Fingers crossed they also have the ‘B’ WiFi adapters!