Dashboard for each person

Hello, Im trying to create a dashboard for each people of my house and give at each one the ability to turn on just a few light without being able to go to settings or doing other stuff. It is possible? I create a test account but he can see everything and do some stuff

Yes it is!

Within home assistant goto settings > people and create the extra logins for people as needed.

Make them admin.

Once you have created their accounts goto settings > dashboard > create new dashboard

Name each dashboard as per user (for simplicity)

From there you (as admin) can see all dashboards and create the cards as needed for each user.

You will need to log into each account you created to assign the default dashboard for that account, once assigned you can go back to your main admin account and edit the subaccounts to remove their admin permissions.

On the dashboard hide the sidebar for each user

Ok, and how do I hide the sidebar? I used kiosk but it will work only from browser

If I go to the dashboard there is remove from the sidebar but there isn’t hide the sidebar

While logged in as a sub account, click on the sidebar, scroll down to the user account name, tap on that, there you can define user colours and other settings, toggle the “always hide sidebar” option.

Not sure if it works in kiosk but there’s a topic here in the community called “hide sidebar” or similar, just search for that and read there for a kiosk solution

Ok I check the always hide the sidebar but nothing changed :slight_smile:

Hi Nicolo, you can also achieve this by using 🔹 Browser_mod - turn your browser into a controllable device, and a media_player

Im from android app, does it work anyway?

Yes, I use this with the android companion app

I tried it but, after enabling it for a test user I cant remove it anymore… From the main account there isn’t the user I inserted in the list, If I log in from mobile or web, the sidebar doesn’t appear and I cant do nothing else… Jeez

It did appears after a refresh :slight_smile: Now it works