Decoding 433 MHz remote

I recently purchased a superheterodyne 433 MHz receiver, which I have used to decode a 433 Mhz button with rc_switch in ESPHome. I would now like to decode a 433 MHz remote but have not yet had any success; I do not get any output in the log when I press the buttons on the remote.

I’d be happy to go through the motions of adjusting tolerance, filter, etc. but I don’t know what each parameter means, nor do I know what the reasonable limits are. For instance, if I set the buffer to 20kb, what does that do, and is it more or less likely to help in my case? …perhaps I should start with a buffer of 1kb and stop at an upper boundary of 10kb (?), increasing the buffer by 1kb with every attempt (?). I’m flying completely blind.

Would someone be willing to point me toward some info on the Internet that will help me to understand these parameters so I can approach this more intelligently? Or, if not, perhaps someone would be able to tell me the boundaries I should stay within for each parameter?


Have you played with the dump raw/all?

I’ve used both of those remotes you’ve linked to (or very similar) and decoded them using my hardware hacked Sonoff RF bridge running ESPHome.

I wouldn’t think you’d need to adjust the buffer. Maybe tinker with the other filter values too make the filters less restrictive initially.

There’s quite a lot of info buried in various threads.

Edit: I just checked my settings and these work for decoding similar buttons/remotes to yours using my Sonoff RF Bridge.

    number: 4
  dump: rc_switch
  filter: 100us
  tolerance: 50%
  idle: 2ms

Thank you both for your input. @Mahko_Mahko I tried the config you provided and it didn’t work. I’m beginning to wonder whether the remote might be faulty, and so I have ordered another.

@oldfart101 that looks like an interesting way to approach this. If my second remote doesn’t work with the usual config in ESPHome I’ll look into your solution more deeply.

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I take it the remote led goes on when you press it - so remote battery/power is probably ok?

Do you get anything at all in logger when you press a remote button if you set it to very verbose?

  - id: rc_receiver
      number: GPIO22
      inverted: True
    dump: rc_switch
    tolerance: 60%
    filter: 250us
    idle: 4ms
    buffer_size: 2kb

My new remote control arrived. It’s the same item as the first, but from a different seller on AliExpress. I used the config provided by @Mahko_Mahko and it worked flawlessly. So, my issue was caused by a faulty remote.

Thank you for your help, folks.


Case closed.

Here’s how I’m using mine.