deCONZ / Conbee 2 Zigbee compatible chime

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Hi All,
As a happy HA user with a Conbee 2 Zigbee USB gateway I am searching for compatible chime.

The reason is that I want to apply this trick with the Xiaomi door switch to capture my oldskool doorbell button and then send a Zigbee signal to one or more Chimes and put a message to the TV when it is turned on.

Next to that, I am thinking about having that same chime(s) to go off when a door is opened at an unexpected moment. So, I am searching for a chime that is natively compatible to HA or the deCONZ Conbee 2 Zigbee USB gateway. I prefer the Zigbee protocol and no WiFi chime, but off course WiFi is an option too.

Any suggestions or topics to read? ?

Thanks for your reply. I did not mention the fact that I am looking for a relatively nice looking “out-of-the-box” solution. The topic came to life in here.

I have done the same with my xiaomi door sensor today . after soldering the two wires to the two sides of the reed switch i checked if it worked the sensor remains open. I checked with one the wires if i could get a closed status and it was TP1 so i desoldered the other wire and soldered that wire to TP1. After that is worked like charm. Finally could replace my klikaanklikuit 433,92 doorbell with this simple and cheap zigbee device

Hi wschuck,
What chime do you use/“ring” once the doorbell-button is pushed?
The KlikAanKlikUit chime, or something else?

I use sonos for a doorbell sound and i use notification on the smartphones. For me this is a good solution because that old fashion chimes and also the klikaanklikuit chime from the past where not flexible enough. When my daughter is sleeping i dont want her waking up because of the doorbell ringing.

Thx, my idea is to not trigger one of the chimes based on certain conditions.
But so far I didn’t find a Zigbee chime compatible with the deCONZ Conbee II.

I will figure out a different chime solution :+1: