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I have a SmartThings button enrolled in Phoscon/DeConz. Under HA integrations, it found the deConz gateway, and it sees the button, but the only two entities are the battery level and the temperature. How do I get it to see the actual button press entity?

Read the docs. It’s all in there regarding the event triggers.


As @Philip_Embleton said, read the docs. Buttons/remote controlss integrated through DeCONZ will always show the button presses as events, there is no entity that shows which button has been pressed. You will only get entities for battery level, temperature level or similar sensors.


The documentation people want you to read is

Look for the section “Remote control devices”

There are actually two ways to do this now

Either look for events by going to the Developer tools -> Events and go to the bottom and type in deconz_event in the Event to subscribe to and click start listening. And then you see the events when you press the buttons or open and close the doors etc

The other newer way is “Device Triggers” which show up in the Automation GUI. It is supposed to be more user friendly but I personally do not like it because it generates random device IDs that are hopeless to use later in a manual automation setup where you edit files. That is my opinion and others will disagree. Once you get hundreds of automations (and you will) it will be a horrible mess having 200 alphabetical automations in the GUI and device IDs being random numbers that mean nothing. I would use the event method and learn to organise your automations in folders and files.

Please xplain how to do that?

Hi All,
As a happy HA user with a Conbee 2 Zigbee USB gateway I am searching for compatible chime.

The reason is that I want to apply this trick with the Xiaomi door switch to capture my oldskool doorbell button and then send a Zigbee signal to one or more Chimes and put a message to the TV when it is turned on.

Next to that, I am thinking about having that same chime(s) to go off when a door is opened at an unexpected moment. So, I am searching for a chime that is natively compatible to HA or the deCONZ Conbee 2 Zigbee USB gateway. I prefer the Zigbee protocol and no WiFi chime, but off course WiFi is an option too.

Any suggestions or topics to read?

Opened a topic in Hardware, seems like the best place to drop this question.

Brilliant this worked well, thanks.

Another issue is that when I have a power outage I lose all my sensors in HA (well the entity id changes), I have read that there is some issues with the way in which the stick and deconz start when on auto mode. Is there a way to delay the boot of deconz?

hey, i get this error

under what distance the conbee ii works well? what device do you use as router?

For me, wtih 3 meters it started to be stable.
The shorter distance didn’t work reliable.
Additionally I installed an powered USB 2.0 Hub for the stick.

try it with the ip adress instead of local

still doesnt work im afraid

Im trying to get my API key.
when i do GET it works fine

when i do a POST it doesnt work?
ive also tried with devicetype “pydeconz”

ive set the app in Hassio to authenticate too?

im an idiot, i didn’t have the deCONZ API backend port set in the deconz hassio setup >idiot<

Before the official addon for was released you had to specify the URL to the Deconz-webb interface to integrate it into HA. This was really handy when I migrated from HomeAssistant to Hassio. I could setup everything and make it work on the second RPI and still being able to access Deconz on the first RPI.

Now I want to do something similar but I don’t understand how to access the first Homeassistant from the second with the official addon.

The first RPI refers to the Conbee like this

“device”: “/dev/ttyUSB0”

In the second I don’t want to rerer to the device but to the deconz installation that is located at

Is it even possible to do this with the official addon?

When setting up the integration if discovery fails you can input address manually

Where? It refuses to start if I doesn’t find a device.

The normal procedure to set up an integration

Hi any way to integrate in HASSIO Müller licht Remote control?

Is it supported by deconz?