Zigbee Doorchime - anyone?

Is there such a thing - as a door chime?
I have alot of zigbee ( xiaomi ) commponents -
but i am the unlucky owner of the xiaomi me - base station - which unfurtunatly will not integrate into home-assistant.

So - i am looking for another zigbee device - that i can trigger - when the door opens.
i would be nice if it had different sounds.

i have tried searching - but i have onlye found alarms - that i can trigger with zigbee. but that might be overkill - just to notify that my main doors has been opened.

There are some z-wave devices - but since i have just bought the Conbee 2 - i would like to stick with the zigbee protocol for the time beeing.

br Ronni

Why do you need a zigbee device? Home assistant can interface with many technologies, you can mix’n’match.

Get conbee or z2m and abandon the silly hub.

Hi nickrout.
I allready have the conbee 2 - and it works like a charm.

what i dont have is a zigbee door chime. I manage to find a alarm siren that works with zigbee - and now i need a chime - to notify us when the doors opens.

But - i might bee that i need to go down the z-wave route - which is also ok.
I have seen the aeotec z-wave 6 - which seems like a good choice.


Posted a similar question here and made it a topic here :grin:

In short, I am also interested in a Zigbee door chime so I can trigger it using a variety of triggers. I don;t feel much for buying a z-wave stick or anything additional just for the chime :innocent:

You are right, it is hard to find just a chime other than getting a 433MHz doorbell and triggering it from HA, or sending an audio file to your media_player.

In addition to the solution posted to your other topic, there are several DIY zigbee things in this list: https://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/supported_devices.html. They might give you inspiration to build something :slight_smile:

The difficulty with home made zigbee is that there isn’t anything as open as the wifi based esp8266/esp32.

I too am confused as to why you want a ZigBee chime. A ZigBee button for the doorbell makes sense, so why do you need the chime to use ZigBee as well? Do you need it to run off batteries?

I too have a Conbee II, but also had a Xiaomi Hub lying around. I use it to play the doorbell chime. So it’s ZigBee button -> deConz -> Node Red -> HA -> Xiaomi Hub ringtone. However I can’t recommend it because it only works about 80% of the time. It is obviously plugged into mains, and HA talks to it over wifi. I’m thinking of moving to a speaker plugged into the PC running HA.

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Personally I would probably use an esp8266 connected to a piezo and just make it buzz.

There is also an mp3 player board you can use with esp’s, that will play prerecorded mp3s. You could play different chime sounds depending on … whatever.

All with esphome of course.

I just connect a cheap xiaomi switch to home-assistant via a Conbee and then when it’s pressed, use Home-Assistant to play an announcement on my Alexa devices… works like a charm, doesn’t need a dedicated chime.

Hi All!
Ok - seems like this simply doesnt exist.
I have acutally just bought a z-wave stick - and then the Siren 6
i know it’s not fully supported yet - but in time -when ozw 1.6 is fully supported - i hope that i can use it with all the features.

Just to recap - why i was looking for a chime.

I am using the manual alarm in HA.
I have door sensors on all our doors in our house.
I have 2 motion sensors.

I have 2 alarm modes.
Arm Home / Arm Away

I haven’t build alot of logic regarding autoarm and so on.

When it comes to the Alarm - i have bought the
Heiman Zigbee 3 - which should make alot of noise.
Also i am considering making an outdoor - based on a honeywell + esphome(sonoff) switch.

thats all very good.

Now - the “Chime” part - is thought of as an convenience device.
basically i want a devices that can make different sounds - so that my famility know what is going on.


When one of the doors open - and the alarm is off - say “bing” or nothing
When the alarm is armed in away mode - and if someone comes home - i want it to do another voice - in the “pending” state - so that they can disarm it ( even though it should do it automatically - based on their devices ).

and so on.

So - basically this was my idea - and i can see that - using the ESP32 + Mp3 board - is actually a good idea - i haven’t thought of that - so maybe i will look into this - as a “fun” project :).

It’s still not clear why you need the chime to be ZigBee. A ZigBee alarm makes sense because you probably don’t already have power where you want the alarm to be located. However the chime can be anywhere, so it can be mains powered, with comms being (eg) wifi or having it connected to the HA computer.

I guess because he has a zigbee network already.

I guess, but people are trying to point out that is an artificial restriction and that the OP could use a number of different devices/connectivity options with HA that would enable the required functionality.

Well yes that, but also it must be pretty unusual to have a ZigBee network, but no wifi network or the ability to plug a speaker into the HA hardware.

However, I’m also I’m interested in the use case. Is there a good reason why ZigBee might be better than wifi in this case (assuming power is not the issue). This option recently posted looks pretty interesting. But it begs the question: why?

recently as in 2015?

Actually when I searched to find a solution for @hostrup I realised that there are not many stand alone HA compatible doorchimes of any sort to buy.

IMHO putting a speaker on your hass machine doesn’t make sense unless your hass machine is in the area where you can hear it. Might work for some people, but not anyone with a server space at the back of a cupboard, or in their garage.

Sending audio files to my media_player entities ruins any karma that may exist for me. Interrupt my music with a ding-dong? Bugger off.

Hi All!
Thanks alot for all your valuable inputs.

I do buy into the fact that one shouldn’t be “locked” on a special technology - eg. Zigbee.
I have allready ordered a z-wave controller - and i am also all ears to esphome technology - as well as bluetooth. I like the fact that its best of bread - and not best of suite.

But - i also live in a house with a wife - and 2 kids - and sometimes convenience is just the top priority. :slight_smile:

Right now my focus is on building an intuitive and intelligent “smart” alarm - with all the bells and whistles that i can put into it - but in the same time - making sure that is reliable and logic.

I dont have any “smart” speakers - so the TTS is not really an option. All my music is distributed to the different speakers - using Roon ( i am a bit of an audiophile ) - and the only option - as i know of right now - is to make roon play a playlist - which does not seem all that convenient. In the future - it might choose to go down that route.

As my outdoor alarm - which should be loud - i am thinking about doing a esphome project - because it could be fun.

Right now the aeotech bell is on it’s way - as well as a z-wave stick. Hopefully this will get my going.
at least when the ozw 1.6 is integrated into HA.

Next step is to decide on how to build a smart arm / disarm system - but for now the phones do the job just fine.

Again - thanks for all your inputs :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

First of all a sorry for my late response, but I also thank you all for your replies. Let me try to explain the reason I am searching for a Zigbee chime. Perhaps it is just a lack of knowledge on my side, which definitely makes sense :slight_smile:

I have “my” solution for the doorbell-button. The sensor is compatible with the Conbee II. So I have a way to trigger. And it will trigger more than just a chime1. So a simple coco doorbell set is no solution, unless I buy a USB gateway to capture the CoCo or (in case of) MQTT signal like the Conbee does for Zigbee.

So, the preferred solution is to find a chime that is supported by Conbee. Second best is a HA-compatible chime that works on WiFi. I prefer Zigbee, because there is room for improvement on my WiFi network :wink:
If WiFi is no solution, I might need to extend the Pi with an extra gateway of any kind, or is there another solution besides Arduino creations.

It absolutely doesn’t have to be a battery powered chime, but I do prefer a relatively nice looking “out-of-the-box” solution. My HA Raspberry Pi is too far away to serve as a chime itself.

I hope this clarifies things. But because it seems like there is no HA-compatible Zigbee chime, I am all ears for a different solution. What would be a good HA-compatible WiFi chime that does not need an Internet connection?

  1. Stuff it will trigger depends on the circumstances. When I am in my home office, I want a chime in there to ring alongside the main chime. When it is dark, the lights in the hallway should turn on and when the TV is on a message will be displayed.