Deconz for


Are you having other usb devices connected as well? Conbee is still required by deCONZ to be on /dev/usb0


I just have 1 conbee device connected, it is connected as de/ttyUSB0:

When starting deconz container:

[] Starting deCONZ Addon…
[] Current deCONZ version: 2.05.35
[] Web UI port: 8080
[] Websockets port: 8443
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
12:50:27:747 HTTP Server listen on address, port: 8080, root: /usr/share/deCONZ/webapp/
12:50:27:804 ZCLDB init file /data/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/zcldb.txt
12:50:27:900 parent process /bin/sh
12:50:27:900 gw run mode: normal
12:50:27:900 DB sqlite version 3.16.2
12:50:27:901 DB PRAGMA page_count: 113
12:50:27:901 DB PRAGMA page_size: 1024
12:50:27:901 DB PRAGMA freelist_count: 34
12:50:27:901 DB file size 115712 bytes, free pages 34
12:50:27:901 DB PRAGMA user_version: 2
12:50:27:901 DB cleanup
12:50:27:901 DB create temporary views
12:50:27:908 don’t close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
12:50:27:908 Daylight now: solarNoon, status: 170, daylight: 1, dark: 0
12:50:27:909 started websocket server at port 8443
12:50:27:909 discovery updated announce interval to 10 minutes
12:50:27:910 GW firmware update not supported on x86 linux headless
12:50:27:910 found node plugin: - REST API Plugin
12:50:27:911 found node plugin: - Signal Monitor Plugin
12:50:27:914 found node plugin: - STD OTAU Plugin
This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()
This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()
12:50:27:936 discard sensor state push for 1: state/dark (already pushed)
12:50:27:937 discard sensor state push for 1: state/status (already pushed)
12:50:27:939 discard sensor state push for 1: state/lastupdated (already pushed)
This plugin does not support propagateSizeHints()
12:50:27:980 Device firmware version 0x261E0500
12:50:27:996 unlocked max nodes: 200
12:50:28:285 Device protocol version: 0x0106
12:50:28:301 new node - ext: 0x0000000000000000, nwk: 0x0000
12:50:28:301 SensorNode 1 set node 0x0000000000000000
12:50:28:477 Current channel 0
12:50:28:541 CTRL ANT_CTRL 0x02
12:50:32:894 Announced to internet
12:50:33:551 DB save zll database items 0x00000880
12:50:33:566 DB saved in 14 ms
12:50:33:566 don’t close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds
12:50:37:692 Daylight now: solarNoon, status: 170, daylight: 1, dark: 0
12:50:38:695 saved node state in 2 ms
12:50:38:744 sync() in 48 ms
12:50:47:692 Daylight now: solarNoon, status: 170, daylight: 1, dark: 0


ok i’m ditching hassos for now. It feels just nog stable enough to setup.
If i want to run it on VMWare, so much tweaking, and twitching is needed, it feels just to “beta” for me.


Hi there,

I am also waiting for 64bit support but in the mean time this is working (as I have armbian on odroid c2):



I upgraded my Addon to version 2.05.39 and at the same time added a requirement to specify the deconz device and also experimental aarch64 support (experimental because I can’t test it myself).

Feedback on GitHub is appreciated!

Next big upgrade will be support for viewing the ZigBee mesh!


Welcome back @marthocoo

USB problem with Rfxcom and Conbee on Rpi3

Thanks for the update. Would I be able to use the “by-id” path, as indicated here:

This seems very reliable for me for my zwave stick, so would like to use the same method for the conbee. :slight_smile:


It should work, I’m not sure how HassOS generates these symbolic links though. Try it and let us know!


Cool. Will try it at the weekend.


Hello, i cant get it to install in addons…i press the “install” and after a little while it turns red and nothing happens…and i have hass OS


What platform (Raspi 3b or 3b+)? What’s the error in the system log?


Raspi 3b. Where can i see the log ? The version i had before this …35? No problem to install…


That’s why I need to see what the log error is. Should be a SYSTEM tab (don’t have my system in front of me) under the menu option…


I updated to the new version, but the add on just won’t start anymore. I click Start and them the icon starts to roll as if it was updating, but after a few seconds it just says Start again. Anyone else experiencing something similar?

UPDATE: I guess reading the documentation first where it states that the device should be configured whould be a good starting point :slight_smile:


I am doing a fresh install right now…trying it soon


I seem to had a problem wiht sql… now i could install it :grinning:
But im a noob so i dont understand where to specifuy the device name and usb…shoukd it look like this?
“deconz_device”: null,
“web_port”: 8080,
“websockets_port”: 8443,
“debug_info”: 1,
“debug_aps”: 0,
“debug_zcl”: 0,
“debug_zdp”: 0,
“debug_otau”: 0


Like this: :slightly_smiling_face:

“deconz_device”: “/dev/ttyUSB0”,
“web_port”: 8080,
“websockets_port”: 8443,
“debug_info”: 1,
“debug_aps”: 0,
“debug_zcl”: 0,
“debug_zdp”: 0,
“debug_otau”: 0


It works !!! Thanks, to everybody !


i am trying to update firmware i have access to ssh for my raspbee but it says docker command not found? i am very new to this any advice please?


Did you set up access to the host OS via SSH? (You can’t use the SSH addon for this, check the readme for firmware upgrade instructions).