Deconz for


@gjong, the SSH was on addon indeed. :grimacing:

@gjong and @Robban.

Here the answer from Dresden guys.

Hello Ulisses Nogueira,

It sounds like the serial port. Please check our User Manual on point 6.1.2:


If this don’t work and to exclude a broken RaspBee can you please try our Image?:

But, how can I fix it using :confused:


pinging @marthocoo


Guys (@Robban, @gjong).

Problem SOLVED after install HA Bridge add-on.

HA Bridge - Hue Emulator (

It creates a new device on deCONZ PWA page and I could add the bulds and a Xiaomi Temperature Sensor. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :blush:


Really weird solution. But glad that it worked :+1:


I have the same issue here with raspbee and a pi3.
I have already put the lines in config.txt but I have not installed ha-bridge addon (seems stupid to me)
Any ideas? What can I check?


Does the solution in this topic work?


rebooting right now… let’s hope :slight_smile:

After reboot:

Much better :smiley:
Firmware update from gui will work?


Depends. Did you install deCONZ directly on the Pi? Or use my Docker Add-on for


Add-on for

I have found some instructions for the docker container here but I don’t understand if it can be used with container.


I haven’t updated the add-on repo instructions yet but check here:

That issue has the instructions :slight_smile:




Please update the info in the addon. I think it could be useful to also add the information to disable bluetooth module on rpi3 modifying the config.txt in the correct way.


btw how can I access the deconz gui? With the addon only phoscon works?


Go tgrough the help page there is a link to old web


I am talking about the GUI to manage the ZigBee mesh network. I have some EnOcean PTM 215z wall switches that I want to implement in deConz. These switches are really the same that are inside Philips Hue Taps but I need to access the Zigbee Network to find what signals they send.


Aah you mean the real front-end. You need to run deconz on a desktop system then


Conbee VS RaspBee what would be better? do either function differently? also will this work on a pi2?


I always recommend conbee, if you want to move from a raspberry to something else it is better with the usb interface.

I ran deconz on a rpi2 previously, though not in docker.


So Conbee and RaspBee are functionally the same other then the interface they use then?


Yes, but you can do some additional things that are outside the normal use cases with conbee. As flashing it with zigbee sniffer fw



I have pi3 wirh raspbee, hassio with installed addon deconz and general I followed what is written on addon page in short and I did like below:
You need to disable BT:

with some reason btroot did not worked soe only disable-bt is good for myself.

On the screen:

you have to click Advanced icon, and get to unlock screen when you have Authenticate app.

I did so and all is good not need to install HA bridge. Hue light were discovered very quickly.

To do firmware update you have to follow what is written on addon page.

I agree all process is not very straightforward but it is working and cost much less than hue bridge. It is discovering my xiaomi zigbee smart plugs without an issue as well.

I can help maybe if someone struggle with this set up.