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Home assistant uses its own silly version numbers for the addons. Totally confusing. And Dresden Elektronik that makes Deconz always forget to update the version in their software. Especially with betas. The 2.27.2 beta says 2.26.3 in the Phoscon web interface.

Mine says 2.27.2. in the deConz VNC Interface.

is there a way to trigger an update manually?

Updates can only be done manually. How to do it depends on your installation method.

I just installed HomeAssistant OS on an SD card (with the Raspberry Pi Imager) and then started the RPi4 with the SD card, opened the Home Assistant web interface and added deCONZ under Add-ons.
After the installation I activated the 4 points in the add-on (start on boot, watchdog, automatic updates, show in sidebar).

When you run deconz as a HA addon you are at the mercy of the HA devs to build a new docker build a d release it. It can take weeks or months. Especially if it is a beta version with known problems which is fair enough.

I personally run deconz on a debian machine separate from HA installed with apt. Then I decide when and if I upgrade.

so, can we update then manualy, if we use the HA Adon for now?
or will it role back if we plug in the stick after the Update

HA addons are managed by the Supervisor and you can only upgrade to a version that the maintainer of the Addon has decided to release. If you do not see a notification that an update is available then you cannot upgrade. The software you upgrade is not the firmware on the stick. To upgrade the stick you normally need to bring it to another computer and then back again.

I am a little bit confused :man_shrugging: :sweat_smile:
Viking do you run Home Assistant OS on a Raspberry Pi?
Or do you use different hardware?

I use a Home Assistant Blue with a Conbee II.
This morning I updated the stick manually using the instructions from the add-on. Unfortunately, only the firmware was updated. The gateway version remained the same.
At least I was able to fix a bug that I had for some time, which meant I couldn’t add IKEA buttons.
I would be happy if we could also update the gateway without Frenck having to adapt the add-on.

I run HA Core in a Docker container on a Linux server…
DeConz also runs in a docker container but on a different server.
My ConBee II is connected to a USB port on the same server where deCons runs.