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Same here, anything from 5s to 2mins apart

11:04:06:350 don't close database yet, keep open for 900 seconds

are you running on 112.0?

No still on 0.111.4


Anyone else having issues with the front end of HA of the Deconz entities?

The brightness and color is constantly changing at the front-end, the bulbs aren’t changing at these moments.


I see a similar issue, but only with deconz groups. Does anyone know if this is reported to github?

You’re right, it’s only with Deconz groups! But is this a HA issue or a Deconz issue?

Edit: created issue;

I’m having an issue with 2 of my Hive bulbs. They were originally identified as INNR bulbs, but now the are identified as Aurora TWCLBulb01UK.
It was when I updated to the latest deCONZ addon, updating deCONZ to 2.05.78 that it changed.
The color_temp attribute (and control) is gone HA and Phoscon

I came to check and see if anyone else saw that issue. Color temperature calls result in API errors. The color temperature slider is no longer shows up in the above mentioned GUI tools as well.

why can I update to this version … installing,but remains at the “old” firmware


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Same here, cannot update, it stays on the old firmware despite saying the update is successful…

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The firmware update in the Phoscon seems pretty unstable. Both as HA addon and the app running directly in Ubuntu. I always end up running the upgrade by logging in to the secure shell and running the command line tool.

Funny enough… I use the hue essentials app as a test… that also sees updates and also for devices. It updates it successfully :slight_smile:

Same for me since I’ve updated phoscon and firmware today:
Screenshot 2020-07-07 22.14.43

I have see some errors like this now:
pydeconz.errors.RequestError: /lights/2/state parameter, ct, not available

Any help is appreciated…

Anyone else having issues with the Xiaomi switch? Also ‘updated’ to the latest firmware, now the switch won’t stay connected. I can ‘relearn’ the switch, after a few hours poof…no button presses work. Go into the UI it appears normal. I can monitor the events in Home Assistant, the battery level never drops, but the deconz events are not coming through from the Conbee II.

I have a similar issue. My log file is flooded with:

pydeconz.errors.RequestError: /lights/4/state invalid value, 247, for parameter, ct

As I am using flux, the color temp of my lamps are getting changed very often, so the log file is now huge.

I am using:

deconz 2.05.77-raspbian-buster-stable

And this is happening on HA 0.111 and 0.112 and with Ikea Float lamps.

Might be related to:

However if I change the mode of in flux from mired to xy, i get the following error:

pydeconz.errors.RequestError: /lights/6/state parameter, xy, not available

So CT was available but does not accept the value and XY is not available for the IKEA Float lamp. IS the a deconz issue or HA issue? It seems that my Philips HUE lamps do not have this issue.
[EDIT] When changing the colortemp from the web gui, there are no errors with these lamps. So I am puzzled.

Hey folks, finally have jumped on the deCONZ train. I’ve gotten everything setup. I’ve added in to Xiaomi door/window sensors. Deconz is tracking the open/closes correctly. Home Assistant is also doing the same.

What I am missing, is (for example) the battery state. Xiaomi’s old app reported on this, but now all I’m getting is 100%. Is there something I did incorrectly? I keep seeing that this is a common problem for deCONZ. Is there anything I can do to address this?

The battery state is a tricky one. What the sensor actually reports is battery voltage. Every hub / controller and software has it’s own way of calculating the percentage f decline depending on the voltage drop. So maybe Xiaomi uses a slightly different algorithm.

Thanks for the info on this. That said, I’m not seeing anything besides “on/off” as a state. Battery level does show up, but only as 100%. This is also the case in the deCONZ app

It’d be great to just see the raw # to get an idea, but not sure where I could find this?

I have an issue open with the deconz devs that is getting active attention

I’m gonna put in limits on what to send to lights so we can get rid of this error