Discovered device - homekit, help required

I have some Eufy cameras but I have come to realise that Eufy cameras are not currently supported in Home Assistant. Recently seen a new integration for Homekit/Eufy security, so HA has detected this somehow. I don’t have homekit but I do have an old iphone 4s that is registered to me. Can I somehow set this up and use the homekit integration to view my cameras?
Apparently I need a homekit code.
When I try to add the camera or hub it asks me to pair with homekit - which I don’t use.
An odd thing though is whenI try to integrate my cams/hub with HA - my hub speaks to me telling me to pair with homekit, so they must be communicating somehow.

Totally confused - any help would be greatly appreciated.


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We have a phillips hue hub that apparently is homekit compatible - could we use this as a bridge.

Sorry if I come across as a complete idiot, but actually I am!

Thanks in anticipation.


Not sure if you ever found what you needed, but what you’re seeing is HA pick it up as a homekit entity, as HA can function as a HomeKit Controller. Add your base, it will give you instructions, and they cameras will function as motion sensors.
From there, either set up RTSP to a server (like motionEye, or use nonsleepr’s Eufy Security integration for a cloud feed.

Thanks bacarp89 - no I didn’t get it working yet but thanks for the advice. I will try as you suggest and report back.

I’ve finally worked out how to trick Eufy Homebase to connect to HA via the built-in homekit intergration.

You require an apple device iphone/ipad and also the Eufy Security app, this will not work with the android version of the Eufy Security App.

Go in to settings or your Homebase and you should see an option for HomeKit, from there you can then enable your camera device, it will ask to connect to Home Bridge on the Eufy App which from there you can then add the Eufy devices via HA integration as it automatically detects the homekit compatible device

Hopefully the above makes sense, here is a screenshot of it in action once its fully connected.

Showing the camera feed, motion detection and battery level.


Do you need the Apple device just for once to set it up?
Could you please share the info needed in the configuration.yaml

Yes you only need it once, install the Eufy app on to a Apple device and sign in.
On the Eufy App in ‘Settings’, select HomeKit and follow the instructions - it will ask to connect Home Bridge which will put the Eufy device in to HomeKit acceptance mode.
It should be discoverable in the ‘Integration’ tab, so you should see it appear in there.
Enter the HomeKit code that is on the back of your HomeBase or Camera (if its a standalone units).

I don’t have anything in my configuration.yaml relating to the above, it should automatically be enabled in HA.

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Do you loose your integration with the “eufy Apps” on your phone device by enabling HA integration through HomeKit?

No you don’t loose connection to the Eufy Security App on the phone. Also note that you will need to use the app to add new cams. If you do add new cams then you’ll need to go back and edit the homekit authentication setting in the homebase’s settings.

Hi. You say you can see the camera feed. I’m using Eufy battery cameras via the Homebase 2 and only get a snapshot of the last motion event, no live video.

Are you in the same situation or have you made it work another way?