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motionEye is a popular frontend to the camera software called motion. This add-on provides both, allowing you to add your camera’s to your Home Assistant setup.

motionEye is Open Source CCTV and NVR, that is elegant and really easy to use. It can be used as a Baby Monitor, Construction Site Montage Viewer, Store Camera DVR, Garden Security, and much more.

Some cool features of motionEye:

  • Support for a ridiculous amount of cameras, including IP cams.
  • Add multiple cameras by hooking up multiple motionEye instances together. For example, by using MotionEyeOS on a Pi Zero + Pi camera in your network.
  • Supports uploading recording into Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • motion detection, including email notification and scheduling.
  • Can record continuously, motion, or timelapse, with retention settings.


The installation of this add-on is pretty straightforward and not different in comparison to installing any other add-on.

  1. Search for the “motionEye” add-on in the add-on store and install it.
  2. Start the “motionEye” add-on.
  3. Check the logs of the “motionEye” to see if everything went well.
  4. Click the “OPEN WEB UI” button!
  5. Login with username “admin”, without a password.
  6. Edit your admin account with a secure password!


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You could also open an issue on GitHub, in case you ran into a bug, or maybe you have an idea on improving the addon:

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About the author of this add-on

Hi there!

I am Franck Nijhof, and I have 30 years of programming experience, in many languages. I am using this experience to work on the Home Assistant project by giving back my knowledge and time to the open source community.

The add-on you are currently looking at right now was developed/packaged by me. It is not the only add-on I have created; there are many many more :wink:

However, I have a problem… I am an addict. A :coffee: addict that is. Lucky for you, I turn that C8H10N4O2 (caffeine molecule) into code (and add-ons)!

If you want to show your appreciation, consider supporting me for buying a cup of high octane wakey juice via one of the platforms below! :heart:

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Enjoy your add-on, while I enjoy the brain juice. :coffee:

Thanks for all the :two_hearts:


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:tv: Interesting YouTube video about motionEye by Linus Tech Tips

This video by Linus Tech Tips talks about / shows motionEye and the things it can do.

Please note:
motionEye allows you to combine multiple instances together. For example, you could run your main viewing instance using this add-on, while having some Raspberry Pi Zero’s with an Pi camera and running motionEyeOS around the house.


Hi Frenck

Thanks for the Addon!

I have 1 Problem/wish, add rtsp support :slight_smile:
Protocol "rtsp" not supported or disabled in libcurl


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Is it possible to add the MotionEye stream to groups.yaml file, so you don’t have to open it from the sidebar?

Try selecting “Network Camera” for Camera Type, instead of “Simple MJPEG Camera”. That’s how I use my rtsp capable cameras with motionEye.


I have a USB camera attached to my pi with Hassio and this addon - how should I configure the camera in motioneye?

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Not sure about your question there.

  • Adding to the sidebar is not needed and totally optional.
  • You can just add your camera’s to your Home Assistant using the mjpeg component.
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Like already answered, select “Network camera” from the first dropdown and you’ll be good.


Hello @frenck,

I’m buying you a coffee right away!!! :slight_smile:

I managed to set this up very quickly and this add-on does seem to solve the issue I was experiencing with Shinobi or even the native interface with a couple of Chinese RTSP cameras. I’ve spent sooooo much time with that, yet now it magically seems to be working just fine. You are a star!! :slight_smile:

There is one thing not working though and it is related to the sandboxing of iOS. I don’t have let’s encrypt running on my Home Assistant and the iOS app does not seem to be friends with accessing the stream over https. Usually browser warn you on self-signed certificates and stuff, but the HA app doesn’t. It simply won’t display the stream. Safari though does successfully show the cameras once you confirm you trust the end-point. I know there is a setting on the add-on which enables plain access, but before removing that thin level of privacy I decided to ask you here if you possibly can imagine how to overcome this limitation by forcing the HA app to open the website inside the app so that one gets prompted for accepting or rejecting the certificate.

Thanks a million again! keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Sounds like the most simple solution is getting an LE certificate… Like it is free and pretty easy to get :lock:

Oh! And thanks for the coffee! That is really appreciated :heart:

Hey. Tell me there will be an assembly for aarch64?
because there is a problem with ffm for aarch64 in hassio:
root @ a0d7b954-motioneye: / $ / usr / bin / ffmpeg -version
Illegal instruction (core dumped)
and in container:
[services.d] done.
_ INFO: hello! this is motionEye server 0.39.3_
_ ERROR: ffmpeg: could find version: Command ‘/usr/bin/ffmpeg -version’ returned non-zero exit status -4_
_ INFO: main config file /data/motioneye/motion.conf does not exist, using default values_
_ INFO: cleanup started_
_ INFO: wsswitch started_
_ INFO: tasks started_
_ INFO: mjpg client garbage collector started_
_ INFO: smb mounts started_
_ INFO: server started_

Interesting! This ffmpeg is provided by Alpine Linux, this will take some investigation.

I’m run motionEye on
OrangeP Zero Plus2 (H5) ARMBIAN 5.60 stable Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 4.14.70-sunxi64

I will be glad to help with any information.

Thanks!: Motioneye, Shinoby, Zoneminder … difficul to choose!

@frenck I watched you build this component on Twitch last week. Super cool to see your process for building components. Thanks for all you do for the HA community!


Can’t install it on a tinker board with HassOS 2.2. Got ‘motioneye not supported on armhf’
Is this real?

Seems to be a hassio issue where tinker board support is missing

It seems to be the problem of naming containers or ffmpeg binary file