DIY 8x32 RGB status display with appdaemon "PixelIt"

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A little demo of my appdaemon class to drive a PixelIt display.
There is a little demo video on youtube

The display is very nice, but my webcam is very bad.

More details on Github


great stuff, I gather you build one yourself?

I’m not ready yet, i bought a display and a D1 Mini and tried Awtrix and Pixelit.
I did not like both original software solutions in conjunction with HA.
Now that i have a working software i am looking forward to build a case for my display.

So i use the hardware und firmware from pixelit and “drive” the display with my appdaemon class.

I’ve had a look too and indeed the pixelit solution looks better, just ordered all the items from AliExpress once everything is put together i’ll give your software a go

Can you please share the link of aliexpress?

Are these led modules sold as a unit or are do you have to buy the leds and assemble them yourself?

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try this one


Hi @lubeda

Is it possible to just use MQTT to control the display?

I’m not the developer of the matrix so i’m not the right contact person. But, yes: There is a
There is another Matrix called Awtrix which has also got a MQTT API.

After some tests i swiched my focus to Awtrix, i am working on another appdaemon for Awtrix right now.

How come you switched to Awtrix?
Do you mind sharing your appdaemon config when you have developed it please?

The reason why I asked about MQTT its because the two software do not give you full MQTT control of the panel.

The PixelIt is cool for display-only purpose.

But the awtrix approach is more flexible, because of the gesture sensor and the attached dfplayer.

The dfplayer is the main reason for switching to awtrix.
The main downside of awtrix is the in server rendering with the java server.

If you only need a display, stick with PixelIt