DIY Zigbee rotary wall dimmer

Hi all,

I am working on a DIY Zigbee rotary wall dimmer since I couldn’t find a device that fits my needs so far.

I described the device here:

But in short: It’s a rotary dimmer switch to be installed in the wall alongside other installation and fits in a standard 55mm system (like Gira System 55). It’s just a controller so it works with smart lights like hue (and deconz, ZHA, zigbee2mqtt) but doesn’t actually dim or switch a load. I have one prototype running via deconz.

I designed it to be powered by mains so it can act as a router to extend network range but also because I hate changing batteries :wink: But creating a battery-powered version shouldn’t be too hard.

Currently I am testing the new ESP C6 chip as a replacement for the TI chip hoping to make the device a bit smaller, cheaper, and simpler (probably mostly software wise).

I am also still looking for alternatives but there are very few and they either don’t fit inside the 55mm system (most dimmers from aliexpress) or are very expensive (this seems to be the closest solution:

I’m looking forward to your feedback and if anyone else could use such a device or maybe would be interested in helping with further development :slight_smile:


Sounds great! So it could even support esphome in the future then!

Hi, have you also considered a dimmer design like this us version, where they have these buttons and led indicators.

Something that not even tuya makes for the eu/uk market. It’s usually just the knobs and touch buttons

Yes, that would be great. In any case I am trying to keep it as open as possible. Maybe even add a USB port for easy flashing of custom firmware like @Tropaion did here: DIY ZigBee DLMS SmartMeter Reader

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I haven’t. My main motivation was that I really like the rotary control. It allows to quickly change the brightness (or also color temperature in my case) but also precise control when desired. Works a lot better for me than the four-button hue dimmers I have all over my home.

That said, I’m open to collaborating on different designs as well :slight_smile: I had this things as somewhat modular in mind anyway.

How does the dimmer you describe work? Is that a rocker that can be pushed top/bottom and returns to the shown position when let go?

This is exactly what I have been looking for! I might be too much of a hobby engineer to be able to productively contribute, but a big thumbs up for your efforts.

Im also trying to get a diy zigbee enddevice up and running with the TI Code Composer Studio. But i have problems with the setup. Do you share your code?

I’m a bit hesitant with sharing the full code since I read that you have to be careful because of TI’s license.

If you have a specific question feel free to post it here or send me a message.