Do I need a Xiaomi gateway?

I was given a couple of Xiaomi thermometer sensors. Do I need to buy the Xiaomi gateway or will they work with the zigbee2mqtt addon?

If you mean this

… you dont need xiaomi hub / gateway… becouse is only bluetooth device…

I used openmqttgateway sketch and esp32 or raspberry pi with bluetooth support…

No, it’s this one.


Ok. For this sensor you need a gateway/hub…

I have this sensor with Xiaomi GW.

Sorry, I just read your link. The one you posted is the wifi one. I don’t know if you need a bridge for it.
Mine is this one Link

Original Post:

I have a couple of xiaomi sensors and don’t have a xiaomi gateway.
See this link

And also this for the supported devices

I have same question. Maybe it will work with zigbee USB stick?

The one from the OP is a wifi one and won’t work with a zigbee stick.
The one I posted is the zigbee version and will work with deconz zigbee USB Stick

So, if they are WiFi, can I use them in Home Assistant?

Just take a Look in the official component list

Yes, I know that Xaiomi is on the list of Built-in components. But the question was "do I need the Xaiomi Gateway " for WiFi devices. Apparently, yes, regardless of the protocol of the device (Zigbee, WiFi, Bluetooth).

Just my opinion, but I don’t want to have multiple gateways in my network, each sends uncontrolled data to a cloud.
In this case xiaomi sends the data to a chinese cloud. It is in your network, so you don’t know what it gathers there.
Thats why I installed a deconz stick on my home assistant. It just handles the zigbee signal and just gives the information to home assistant. I also can connect the cheap xiaomi sensors to it.
So my data stays in my house. Privacy matters to me.

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I am beginning to appreciate why these sensors were given to me for free.
So I either need an Xiaomi hub which uses a Chinese cloud service- not acceptable here. Privacy is not much of a concern, but I don’t trust cloud services to stay up. (I have a box of cloud-dependent bricks). Or as Yan says, add a Deconz stick to my Home Assistant Pi.

So, Yan, is the Deconz stick setup in Home Assistant pretty straightforward?

yes totally. I run it on with the deconz addon. You just need to plug in the usb stick, then add the stick to the addon configuration and voila. Afterwards you just need to enter the phoscon webapp (ipadress:8080) and you can start adding zigbee devices (hue, ikea, osram, xiaomi,…).
I really love it!

Thanks- I may be back when I get my Deconz.

In the menu Go to —> System and there under Host System is a Button Hardware.
Here you will See all connected Hardware for example /dev/ttyUSB0

Thanks- I forgot about that tool. I deleted my post because I found it by running “hassio hardware info” on a terminal.

Now what? What is the Phoscon webapp? (Is the ConBEE running a server?)

Yes at port 8080 I think

What is the URL?

As long as it stays with some temp sensors you will be fine using the gateway. I have one too, devices are easy to add and it will send events to hass. It also functions as a speaker for my doorbell. I would however strongly advice against connecting camera’s or other privacy sensitive devices to the hub. I have xiaomi camera’s with custom firmware (dafang) for example. I use the hub only for my sensors (temp/doors/motion). The chinese cloud does NOT need to be up for the gateway to work with Home Assistant. There is a tutorial somewhere on how to just block traffic going out from the gateway.

If you still do not feel comfortable enough using the gateway you should get a Zigbee stick as mentioned already.

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I have the ConBee, but what is or where is the phoscon webapp ?