Dutch precipitation forecast based on buienradar.nl

Great work thank you for this integration, bu i also live in belgium, and with my GPS location it gives me info about the nearest weather station in the nederlands. It would be nice to be able to retreive local info for belgium to.

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  1. Is therea way to get the forcasted rain graph directly in the tab? it would be amazing to just see the graph in the tab and not having to click on it.

  2. Is there a way to link the Tab Icon to the weather forcast icon? that way the tab would show the forcast straight away

Slightly off-topic, but as the Buienradar component still doesn’t support the weather in Belgium: which currently available weather component provides the most accurate information for Belgium?

I use wunderground, it’s very accurate for me.

For buitenradar, the only thing it doesn’t have is the windchill ‘gevoelstemperatuur’ i’ve seen a couple of calculations like https://www.weather.gov/media/epz/wxcalc/windChill.pdf that can help. Found one on tweakers (dutch) on a template for the sensor. Might be nice (https://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_messages/1839719) could integrate that into buienradar perhaps too?

See this thread.

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yes, working as expected, both seem to do their job, with minor differences in the details, as is expected following the windchill calculations methods available.

feel free to use/import/adjust…

I’m trying to use buienradar on my HA but it keep data from unknow part of the world. Infact for example today it report a clear day instead a cloudy day and the temperature is very different. Other Weather Tools report correct info but i hope to use buienradar too to integrate into my automations. I looked on the site and if i enter my location, it reports the correct weather…

Here the code (location is not my real location… i don’t live into ikea :smile:

location: https://www.buienradar.nl/weer/padova/it/3171728

  - platform: buienradar
    latitude: 45.4195495
    longitude: 11.9321148
    timeframe: 5
      - stationname
      - conditioncode
      - condition
      - conditiondetailed
      - conditionexact
      - symbol
      - humidity
      - temperature
      - groundtemperature
      - windspeed
      - windforce
      - winddirection
      - windazimuth
      - pressure
      - visibility
      - windgust
      - precipitation
      - irradiance
      - precipitation_forecast_average
      - precipitation_forecast_total
    scan_interval: 15


its a dutch weahter site with only dutch weatherstations.
the data from outside the netherlands on the site is probably taken from another website, and the data from the sensors must not be the same.

you have chosen station_name. what station_name does that give you?

another thing i noticed. you try to probe the site every 15 seconds. thats really not wanted on a website that doesnt update his data on that speed.
i would let it be the default scan_interval. (so lose the line)

the station name is Maastricht (6380)

Thanks for hints about probe, i disabled it

i suspected that.
you get data from the nearest station in the netherlands (maastricht)

from the docs:

The selected weather station will provide all weather data, with the exception of the forecasted precipitation. The forecasted precipitation data will be retrieved from buienradar using your actual gps-location (and not the location of the nearest weather station).

so i think you cant use it.

nevermind, just noticed you already did use the sensor vs the platform…duh

Noteworthy comment from Wunderground website:

To improve our services and enhance our relationship with our users, we will no longer provide free weather API keys as part of our program. If you have been directed to download our Weather Underground free API key by a third party provider, please contact your vendor for resolution.

I’d like to decrease the update interval. Is that possible? I tried setting the scan_interval to 120, but that had no effect.

The reason I want this, is that I currently check whether it’s going to rain in the coming 15 minutes and open my awning if it is. An update interval of 10 minutes is long relative to this timescale.

I have the buienradar pulling the data fine.

But when i look at the data for the weather.buienradar it says cloudy and ont he card it gives me Bewolkt.

This ofcourse ok but when i use the ha switchplate it gets the information from weather.buienradar what is in english.
I would like the info on the switchplate to be dutch.
Is there a way to get this??

I see some people here having a graph with predictions, is this just the Home Assistant state history or a prediction graph like on the buienradar website?

A graph like on the website is what I would like to have, would that be somehow possible?

I was wondering the same… can’t figure out how to get it

These are not prediction-graphs but history-graphs.

To be able to create a prediction-graph, the pybuienradar-module should also make the raw data available (after looking at the code, it can do this), which then could be passed into a module that creates a chart from this data.

That’s the basic idea, I think. Unfortunately, I can just manage writing some simple python code…


I have managed to include the raw data into the sensor: https://github.com/bouwew/rain_prediction
I’ve added a few lines to @koen01 's code to make this happen.

I have been looking for a Lovelace card that can show this data in a proper format, until now, nothing found…

Just a heads up, if you change your configuration from using lat/lon via configuration file to the storage entity via the gui the chances are very big you wont get the exact same lat/lon saved. When this happens it will create new entity’s and they will all end with _2 instead of the normal one. So if you have duplicate weather buienradar entity’s then that will be the issue (just writing it fully so it is easy to search)