Edit entities within a group helper in UI


Is there a way in the UI to edit the enities that are part of a group, e.g I have bought a new light and want to add it to an existing group.
I couldn’t find a way by poking around, and there is no mention in the groups documentation.

Any help appreciated.

Click the “Set Configure State” button on the group in the helpers area.

Now I feel stupid!

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I have this exact issue, but the Set State button on the group in the helpers area does not exist…?
I see the group listed but find no method of making an edit to it. I can click on the listing, and I get the usual information, but no button exists? Am I missing something?

Running: 2022.4.3

Any guidance is very much appreciated, Bob.

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click on it and it will be in a pop up

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oh geez
had this open many times. never registered that this was a clickable item.
thanks for the help.


Yeah I was going off memory when I said “Set State”

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I didn’t know this either - was very lost on to how to see members or make changes.

@petro Is it my old eyes going blind, I don’t see that?

This is a light group helper.

Ahh, it’s because in danish it’s even worse translated, it’s gruppe valg, which means group choice.
Geez, that is bad design…

+1. Groups need to be able to be edited in the UI, not the yaml. This is very confusing, esp for new users.

Is there a FR already opened on this?

This is now entitled Group Options:


That’s a button?! I have overlooked that so many times trying to edit groups.



+1 I never saw a note about this in release notes. When did this get implemented?

No option in the latest version

You mean in 2022.9.1? Please file a bug!

I created a feature request to rename Group Options to Edit Group Options…
See: Group Helper improvement to edit the groups options/entities

For me it was also not clear how to view/edit the groups entities. Simply changing the name might already help a lot i think. If you think that is helpful (or have additional thoughts/suggestions) please vote for the feature request.


I’ve just Googled my way to this page because I too couldn’t figure out how to edit a Group. The wording and location of the “button” make it look like a subheading, not a button.

The crude fix would be to change the word to “EDIT GROUP OPTIONS”, but even then I don’t think it’s obvious. Better option would be to inline the options into the main window and get rid of the button altogether.

PS: I’ve voted for the feature request, although I’d call it a usability bug.


Was this ever resolved? I cannot find the solution…

I didn’t find it either. Only by googeling I came here and found the solution. Once you know it its obvious but for some reason its hard to find initially.