Edit Original Post?

Is there any reason why we can’t edit our original post in a new thread after it has been available for a while?

I wrote a popular tutorial for setting up multi-user presence detection, but there’s been improvements in HASS since then that negates the need to install Homebridge. I could really do with editing this post to remove the homebridge section and include details on the new process.

All historic edits are visible so why are we prevented from editing posts after a while?

Thanks in advance.

I would like to know the same thing. I wrote up a guide last year and incorrectly had the wrong part. People are buying the wrong item and there is nothing I can do to change the post. :frowning:

Looping in some admins as I don’t think this area is monitored.
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Thanks in advance!

The reason is simple. We want to avoid that answers in a threat get useless because the original author change or remove the initial posting (for whatever reason). We know that in certain circumstances it can be annoying but in 99.5 % of all cases it works well.

We support everyone that want to publish a guide, tutorial, howto and alike on home-assistant.io. Those entries will be linked into the forums and can be updated and re-worked as needed.

As the author of the first post, I would think it’s my job to summarize the discoveries in the discussion by editing the first post. This is how most other forums work. My first post now contains imperfect information - seems a bit unhelpful for me to reply to myself with a comment buried in all the rest in order to correct myself.

Should Google Calendar custom widget have been posted as a tutorial/howto/guide? For now, I’ll just put the correct information on the github and hope the misleading stuff isn’t read by too many people.

Another good example for having the ability to edit the first post: Echo Devices (Alexa) as Media Player - Testers Needed

Original post instructions are out of date which is causing confusion, yet OP can’t update it. :frowning: