Elero L1 blinds : How can I control them from HA?


I have blinds from the brand Griesser, I made a previous post about them here : Griesser 868MHz blinds - Can I control them from HA?

I have opened the remote control, that contains the following PCB:

It appears to be from the manufacturer Elero, probably using their protocol. From what I’ve read on this, there is an usb stick that would work but I can’t find a place that still sells it. I am also looking for more informations on how I could get this to work. I have the following questions:

  • As of 2024, what ways I would have to control my blinds with HA, emulating this remote? (soldering it is not an option, i am renting the place including the remote)
  • Is the Elero protocol the same on all devices? Can I be confident that a device named Elero would be compatible with my blinds?
  • Is there a place that still sells the Elero USB transmitter? Is there other devices that could replace it?

Thanks in advance for any answer, have a nice day

There are at least two Elero protocols - only one (the newer bidirectional one) can be integrated into HA.

Do you get any feedback about the blind’s state? If not, this is possibly the old, unsupported protocol (even the Elero USB stick doesn’t support it).

You can also check like this: switch off power to the blinds and press a button. Does it light red, indicating a transmission error? If yes, it’s probably the newer, supported bidirectional protocol.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I just tried your test and I see no difference when the blinds are powered off. Then it is the older elero protocol.

Is there absolutely no way of connecting them? Would there be a way by buying another remote, synchronizing it with the blinds (I don’t know if / how it is possible), and wiring its buttons to arduino GPIO?

Or would there be a way to record a signal on the 868mhz band and reproduce it exactly ?

Sure, that’s going to work. Depending on the amount of blinds you have, this could be expensive.

No, because the protocol uses rolling codes. One command can only be used once.

What I don’t understand is how Elero remotes sync with motors and why this can’t be reproduced with an equivalent chip on an open hardware.

Because the communication is encrypted and how this is done is a secret. Feel free to contact Elero and ask them for the protocol.

I have a ton of captures from the unidirectional protocol and I’m trying to understand it for several years. This summer, I will replace the remaining motors (some are broken anyway) and give up on this.

I see. Thanks a lot for all those informations, it helped a lot. I am renting the place so I can’t change the motors.

I will try to buy an additional remote to my blind’s manufacturer and try to wire it to an arduino. If it’s too expensive, then I will get 2 zigbee button pushers. It’s a bit silly and maybe not the most reliable but it should work.

Thanks again and have a nice day.

F*ck proprietary protocols. Why can’t they stick to IR.

It is not proprietary anymore:

@QuadCorei8085 We are talking about the unidirectional protocol here, and that one is still proprietary.